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The VGOD is an e-juice company that was setup by vapers for vapers. Their aim was to create some truly tasty liquids. Some of the most popular VGOD e-liquids include VNGEL and Blue Dream. The juice comes in 15ml glass dropper bottles with child proof caps. The juice is also available in 30ml and 120ml bottles.

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VGOD Eliquid

The VGOD is an e-juice company that was setup by vapers for vapers. Their aim was to create some truly tasty liquids. Some of the most popular VGOD e-liquids include VNGEL and Blue Dream. The juice comes in 15ml glass dropper bottles with child proof caps. The juice is also available in 30ml and 120ml bottles. All warning information is clearly marked and the labels are quite eye-catching. 

VGOD is British e-juice and made in Birmingham and is available in the following nicotine strengths: 18mg, 12mg, 6mg, 3mg and 0mg. The entire line of VGOD liquids is created using a higher percentage of vegetable glycerin and is mixed at 70VG/30PG. This helps to smooth out the flavours and creates some pretty impressive clouds.

All juice was vaped in a Snapdragon RDA and used on my iPV3 Li.


Sweet Melon Mix Explosion that will leave you wanting more!

On the initial inhale you get a delicious sweet melon taste with something else that I can’t recognise working in the background. If I were to speculate I would say it was a blend of several melon flavours some being sweet and others being more neutral. The result is very pleasant and I find that this juice tends to tingle my mouth on occasion. As someone who really enjoys eating melon this was perfect for me! It is extremely refreshing and would make a very good all day vape. The sweetness is just right and it is not all overpowering.

I found the throat hit to be mild in 6mg strength and the vapour production was excellent.


A delicious creamy blend to remind you of your favourite fruity cereal.

While it is true that I don’t tend to get on with cereal vapes I do have to take into consideration that many other people really enjoy them so I approached reviewing this juice with an open mind. Funnily enough I went in expecting to taste cereal but it doesn’t really register that well with me. I certainly get some cereal notes but it is milder than others I have tried so from a personal point of view that really appealed to me.

What I get with this juice is a mild cereal taste which seems a bit like Weetabix to me, complimented with milk, a hint of sugar and some fruity citrus notes. I assume this juice is supposed to be like Fruit Loops but I hate that brand of cereal but I really like this juice so try and figure that one out! I guess it is because all the ingredients seem very well balanced and complement each other. If you want something different and you don’t like really strong cereal vapes then this one might appeal a lot!

I found the throat hit was somewhere between mild and medium. Vapour production was excellent.


Strawberries dipped in sweet whipped cream.

This juice is very special since I expected it to be just a typical strawberries and cream, I was wrong. There are several different type of strawberries working together in this mix which range from sweet to slightly tart. With the whipped cream in there too complimenting everything it makes for a really excellent flavour that really does have you licking your lips at how delicious it is.

I found the throat hit was mild to medium in strength. It is not overly sweet and overpowering so would make a great all day vape. Vapour production was excellent which is typical for high VG juice. If you love strawberry vapes then this one is for you!

Blue Dream

Blueberries and citrus. Could there possibly be a better combination?

I make no secret of the fact that I not a blueberry fan since most of them don’t really work for me, this one however really does. On the inhale you get sweet blueberry balanced against citrus notes which are actually slightly sour. However the sourness really helps to tone down the blueberry so I must admit I really do like this one a lot!

The juice has a very crisp taste and it does make for quite a refreshing vape. Once again I could happily vape this one all day! Throat hit with this one seemed to be more medium in strength probably on account of the citrus in the mix. Vapour production was once more excellent like the other juices.


A delicious signature base consisting of VGOD’s signature cream, blended to absolute perfection with a light crisp, refreshing honey dew melon.

This is an excellent juice combining a delicious cream with a honey dew melon. The balancing of both ingredients is perfect and makes for a very smooth and tasty vape. The sweetness of the honey dew melon is just right for me and I find this juice to be a very refreshing and I would be perfectly happy vaping this all day long.

Vapour production is excellent and I found the throat hit to be mild.


Watermelon flavour (luscious) chilled for a crisp, clean exhale. Perfect for those hot summer nights.

The flavour of this juice is a pleasant watermelon that has a chilled quality. The watermelon tastes very natural and not all artificial. The coldness is nice and doesn’t make for a face freezing vape. To sum it up it really is just like watermelon you’ve had chilling in the fridge for a while. This is another juice that would make a very pleasant all day vape.

Vapour production is excellent just like all the other juices in this range. I found the throat hit to be mild.

Vapour Production

Since I was using a Snapdragon RDA which can put out some decent vapour it is primarily designed for flavour I thought it was worth also trying one of the juices in the Vector RDA. The Vector had a dual Clapton Coil build in it which was wicked with cotton bacon. I filled it up with VNGEL and fired my iPV4 S at 55W with the airflow on the RDA fully opened up. The result was an excellent amount of dense vapour produced so these juices will be very suitable for cloud chasing fans.


An excellent range of juices and it really surprised me that I enjoyed all of them. If I had to recommend just one it would be the VNGEL because that really is quite outstanding but the other juices were great too.

It is not often that I can find several juices from one range that all make for great all day vapes but I could happily enjoy vaping any of these!

VGOD is priced at £7.99 for 15ml. £14.99 for 30ml and £39.99 for 120ml. A VGOD bundle featuring all six flavours in 15ml bottles is available for £39.99.

These juices were kindly sent to Planet of the Vapes for review by Grey Haze - you can check out the VGOD range on their site.

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