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Savage E-Liquids Original Line

Savage E-Liquid are an American manufacturer based in Orange County, California. The company was formed with the intention to help people stop smoking and is run and owned by vapers. Their Original Line consists of six different flavours.

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Savage E-Liquid Original Line

Savage E-Liquid are an American manufacturer based in Orange County, California. The company was formed with the intention to help people stop smoking and is run and owned by vapers. They use only the best of USA sourced ingredients and take pride in creating flavours at affordable prices which are all mixed in a clean room environment.

At present Savage E-Liquid have three different juice ranges, the Original Line, the Advocacy Line and the Limited Edition Line. Their juice is mixed to a 75VG/25PG ratio and is available in 30ml, 60ml and 120ml bottle sizes. The labels are neat and appealing with all of the typical information clearly displayed, including warnings. All of the bottles feature child proof dropper top caps.

The Original Line which I received for review consists of six different flavours and I tried each of them in an Eden Mods Snapdragon RDA setup with a 0.6ohm dual coil that was wicked with Japanese cotton.


A strawberry pound cake that may cause you to throw someone out a second story window.

Marcellus is a very mellowing vape that I found highly appealing. The main flavour is a delicious strawberry pound cake that really does taste exactly like a real cake! The cake sponge taste and strawberry are beautifully balanced with one another and it makes for a very impressive dessert vape. The strawberry, while sweet and delicious is not quite as in your face as some other strawberry juices tend to be and in many ways it comes instead as more of a gorgeous jam flavour.

The ingredients are very natural and the juice never becomes too sickly sweet, no matter how much you vape it so it would make an ideal all day vape. In my opinion if you are a cake flavoured juice fan this is one E-Liquid you should definitely pick up!

Vapour production was excellent and I found the throat hit to be mild in 3mg strength.

Lou Forigno

The biggest baddest apple cinnamon danish you have ever tried.

To cut straight to the point this E-Liquid is absolutely divine and being the fussy juice reviewer that I am that is not a description I choose to use lightly. The flavour is truly superb and incredibly convincing, through some E-Liquid wizardry this is without a doubt an apple cinnamon danish exceptionally created in juice form!

The ingredients are outstanding and perfectly balanced and as such it makes for an amazing vape, the main flavour being the cinnamon danish enhanced by a sweet and natural tasting apple. This juice is so good that you will want to vape it often so seriously just buy yourself some!

As you would expect with a 75VG content the juice puts out some impressive clouds, even in my V1 Snapdragon which is primarily designed for flavour and not massive vapour production. I found the throat hit in 3mg strength to be mainly mild but it due to the cinnamon content it does occasionally border on medium.


A blueberry waffle with cream that will roundhouse kick your taste buds.

Considering how picky I can be when it comes to E-Liquid, Norris was quite the eye-opener because like the Lou Forigno flavour it really did blow me away! My first taste of this incredible juice certainly gave me a definite “Wow” moment.

Funnily enough I was never that much of a fan of blueberry but after having tried a few impressive juices sent for review recently, I have rather grown to like it. In my opinion this is probably one of the best blueberry vapes I have tried to date.

The main flavour is blueberry with waffle undertones and initially it seems quite restrained until you get to the exhale, where you are rewarded with a deliciously sweet blueberry explosion which is made all the more enjoyable by the inclusion of an amazing fresh cream that tends to linger on the lips and leave you wanting even more!

As you can probably tell from the mildly gushing praise, I really did love this and will certainly be buying some more of it. If you enjoy dessert vapes then do get yourself some of this and put it in your most flavoursome dripper because you won’t be disappointed!

Vapour production as you would expect for high VG juice was consistently good with plenty of clouds fogging up my room. The throat hit was mainly mild in 3mg strength.


A fruity peach and strawberry mixed up so good you will feel guilty to vape it.

For those of you out there that prefer a more potent vape, Pinkman is certainly a good juice because the overall taste is quite strong. The most noticeable flavour is a very natural and tasty peach, this is complimented by a more subdued sweet strawberry that mainly works in the background but does occasionally shift to the foreground on the exhale.

It makes for an enjoyable fruity vape that will certainly appeal to a lot of people, it does have a more pronounced throat hit that was somewhere between medium to strong in 3mg strength. Cloud production as you would expect was seriously good! 


An addictive honeydew with passion fruit and pomegranate that will leave you itching for more.

I must admit I was somewhat reluctant to try this flavour, namely because I don’t like pomegranate and I wouldn’t say I am much of a fan of passion fruit either. Of course my personal gripes with particular flavours that don’t appeal to me isn’t something you really want to hear, and at the end of the day you just want to know if it tastes like what it is supposed to be. So let's focus on whether it is enjoyable, and not get carried away on a wave of negativity that puts you off reading the rest of the review.

So, to promote a positive spin on the proceedings I would have to say “yes it is surprisingly nice”. The reason for this is probably due to the inclusion of the honeydew which works as the most prominent ingredient and since I happen to like that flavour a great deal I was left a happy vaper!

Despite my initial misgivings, the inclusion of the pomegranate and passion fruit don’t dominate the mix so you don’t always notice them and in actuality they really just serve to add a nice variation to the overall flavour. Of course they are there and you can pick them out if you really think about it but ironically, I actually thoroughly enjoyed vaping this which only helps to reinforce the fact that you can’t always form your opinion of a particular flavour entirely based on its ingredients because there are always exceptions.

At the end of the day if you enjoy fruity vapes then this is certainly a good one!  Vapour production was excellent as you would expect given the high VG content. The throat hit in 3mg strength was medium in strength.

Walter White

A simple limeade with raspberry that is 99% pure ecstasy.

Naming this juice Walter White might cause you to question its ingredients but rest assured it is only an excellent combination of limeade and raspberry. The limeade is fantastic and highly flavoursome, this is rounded off really well with just a touch of raspberry that never dominates the mix but instead helps to create a hint of variation in the overall flavour. The limeade also has an ever so tingly quality to it that really helps to sell the illusion of a fizzy drink in vape format.

This juice makes for a very smooth and rather refreshing vape that might become quite addicting, since I see no reason why you would not enjoy vaping this all day long!

Like all the other juices in this range the cloud production was excellent and you will certainly be more than satisfied. The throat hit in 3mg strength was medium.


I must admit when it comes to juice I tend to frequently just order my favourites every couple of months but this particular range and a couple of other ones that I have tried lately has meant that I will certainly be re-evaluating what I order in the future because it seems some manufacturers are really putting out some top notch juices of late.

In my opinion this is an outstanding range of high VG juice from Savage E-Liquid, with a great deal of variation which means that there will definitely be something that appeals to you! Without a shadow of a doubt I can tell that a great deal of time, care and love has been put into these marvellous E-Liquids and you really should check them out!

Many thanks to Savage E-Liquid who kindly sent these juices to Planet of the Vapes for us to review.  You can check out Savage Eliquid at the following sources. http://www.savageeliquid.com/ | https://www.facebook.com/SavageEliquid/ | https://twitter.com/savage_eliquid | https://www.instagram.com/savage_eliquid/ | https://www.youtube.com/c/savageeliquid | https://www.snapchat.com/add/savageeliquid

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