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Savage E Liquid Advocacy Line

Founded in Orange County, California, Savage E-Liquid began their journey into the industry with a desire to help people stop smoking. They use only the best manufacturing practices and USA made ingredients, taking pride in crafting unique flavours at affordable prices, which are mixed in a clean room environment. They are vaper owned and run, with a real passion for the industry and for taking care of their customers too.  

Savage E Liquid is mixed to a 75/25 VG/PG ratio, available in 30ml, 60ml and 120ml bottle sizes, and in nicotine strengths of zero, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg. They have a number of various different flavours available across three different E Liquid lines, the Original Line, the Limited Edition Line, and the Advocacy line. With that in mind, lets have a look at the three flavours that make up the Advocacy line from Savage E Liquid...

Frank Underwood

A sweet blue jolly candy with enough tart razamatazz to make you want to push someone in front of a train...

Premier Ecigs

Frank Underwood is a very sharp Blueberry candy vape, my tastebuds experienced a full frontal assault of sweet blueberry that has a very sweet candied edge to it. There is a lot of blueberry flavouring present, it’s there right from the inhale up until you exhale the very last bit of vapour, and that tasty blueberry hangs around your tastebuds for quite a while afterwards! Anyone who is a fan of fruit or candied eliquids will get on very well indeed with Frank Underwood


This sweet, crisp green caramel apple may win you the oscar! Just watch out for the bear…

DiCaprio was a real winner for both myself and mrsdw1986, the bottle of DiCaprio I received to review definitely didn't last long, that is for sure! A crisp apple inhale is mixed with an amazing thick caramel exhale, the two combining together for a really special vape. The crisp tartness of the Apple mixes perfectly with the rich and thick caramel, and this combination makes for a really tasty treat that we both found ourselves unable to put down!



You think lemon pound cake is your ally? I was born in the funfetti, raised by the strawberry icing…

The first inhale of Bane gave me a delicious hit of the strawberry frosting found atop a strawberry cupcake, with a delicious thick cakey background as well. The strawberry frosting flavour has been very well done, smooth and sweet just like the real thing with a healthy amount of frosting, and the cake background compliments the juice to perfection. It's one of the better strawberry cupcake vapes I have tried, a very smooth, sweet and above all tasty juice!


Frank Underwood, DiCaprio and Bane are three tasty juices I couldn’t fault to be honest, I found all three to be smooth and delicious, packed with plenty of flavour and I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase all three juices again. These three juices are definitely top quality, and mixed extremely well too, I really enjoyed the smoothness on offer here as well.

If I was to pick a favourite out of the three juices above, DiCaprio in particular I really enjoyed, the mix of apple and caramel providing a really delicious vape. Saying that, any of these three juices could be an all day vape for anyone, there is plenty of smooth and tasty flavour, combined with a lot of vapour from the 75/25 VG/PG mix ratio, and these juices from Savage E Liquid definitely get the thumbs up from me!

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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