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KiK Cloud Premium E-Liquids

KiK Cloud liquids are there for those who love their MOD’s, with a minimum 80% VG content for huge clouds of vapour and a sweet smooth vape. Manufactured entirely in the UK and comes in a range of ten delicious flavours - we were sent two to try out.

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KiK Cloud Premium E-Liquids

KiK Cloud liquids are there for those who love their MOD’s, with a minimum 80% VG content for huge clouds of vapour and a sweet smooth vape.

KiK Cloud Premium E-Liquids is manufactured entirely in the UK and comes in a range of ten delicious flavours. The juice comes in 30ml glass dropper bottles with child proof top caps. The labels are colourful and well set out with all of the typical information shown including warnings.

Given that the juice is mixed to a ratio of 80VG/20PG it is very important to make sure you are using an appropriate atomizer which can handle these very thick liquids. To get the best from this juice KiK Cloud recommend you use this juice is a suitable Sub Ohm tank or RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer).

The juice is very reasonably priced at £8.95 for a 30ml bottle and is available in three different strengths: 6mg, 3mg and 0mg.

I tried out both E-Liquids that I received for review in my Achilles II RDA which is currently set up with a 0.5ohm Stainless Steel coil wicked with Japanese Cotton. I vaped these E-Liquids in Temperature Control Mode using my SX Mini Q Class.

KiK Cloud Premium E-Liquid Strawberry Jam

Ummm, sweet sticky strawberry with that sugary jam after taste. Perfect for those want that morning breakfast feeling all day. Opening this bottle of cloud liquid is like opening a jar a strawberry jam. The smell is so strong you want to live in the bottle!

From the moment you open the bottle you get a lovely smell of jam and this creates a nice sense of anticipation. The vape was fantastic and I got an amazing taste of delicious fruity jam that was highly convincing and natural in terms of its flavour. Even though this is marketed as a strawberry jam I was almost certain that I could pick out some mixed fruit and perhaps a very small touch of raspberry. Regardless of what varieties of jam it actually contains it does make for a truly sublime vape and remarkably even leaves a sweet sticky taste on the lips after exhaling which really does remind you of the real thing!

Unlike some jam flavours this one never becomes sickly or overpowering but instead is extremely enjoyable so it would make a great all day vape! Using temperature control mode with this juice really benefitted it in my opinion since a hot vape really did remind me of the taste of freshly baked warm jam tarts straight from the oven albeit without the pastry! Given the high VG content vapour production was superb and I found the throat hit to be mild in 3mg strength.

KiK Cloud Premium E-Liquid Watermelon and Mango

Fresh, sweet and smooth, a perfect all day vape for those with a fruity side. As soon as you open the bottle you get that smack of mango sweetness followed by the thirst quenching watermelon.

I consider myself to be something of a mango E-Liquid fan and I have tried some good ones over the years but this one from KiK Cloud is exceptional! What you get on the inhale is an amazing sweet and highly natural mango flavour that is strikingly balanced with a delicious and refreshing watermelon which works in a highly complementary fashion and adds interest, depth and variation to this excellent E-Liquid!

If you love mango and watermelon then you really owe it to yourself to try this! Vapour production was impressive and I found the throat hit to be mild to medium in 3mg strength.


Considering the quality of these two juices sent for review with their highly natural and tasty flavours along with their excellent cloud production I am sure the rest of the range is equally impressive! I did try the Rhubarb and Custard when KiK Cloud included some with the KiK Cloud 50W that I reviewed back in October and that was also a very enjoyable juice that had a very potent and natural Rhubarb flavour complimented by a rich and creamy custard.

Considering the price of these juices you can’t really go wrong so do check them out because I am sure there will definitely be a few flavours that will really appeal to you!

Many thanks to KiK Cloud who kindly sent these juices to Planet of the Vapes for us to review. If you would like to purchase either of these two flavours or check out the rest of the range you can get them directly from KiK Cloud.


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