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Kik Cloud 50W

The Kik Cloud 50W is an all-in-one starter kit designed for people who want to make the switch to vaping. The device features a fixed wattage of 50W and comes packaged with a small Sub Ohm tank.

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Kik Cloud 50W

The Kik Cloud 50W is an all-in-one starter kit designed for people who want to make the switch to vaping. The device features a fixed wattage of 50W and comes packaged with a small Sub Ohm tank.

Kik Cloud 50W features

  • 50 Watts (Fixed Wattage).
  • 2000 mAh Internal Battery.
  • 7.5mm Depth. 3.5mm Width.
  • Available in Two colours: Black and Light Blue.
  • Rechargeable Via Included Micro USB Cable.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Kik Cloud 50W.
  • 1x Kik Cloud Sub Ohm Tank.
  • 2x 0.5ohm Coils (One Pre-Installed).
  • 1x Micro USB Cable.

Kik Cloud 50W styling and build quality

The first thing you will notice about this device is that it is very slim line. Unusually the shape of the device tapers down to the base but it does actually make it very form friendly and comfortable to hold.

The build quality is really good and it feels very well made! Initially I expected the device to be quite lightweight considering its overall size but surprisingly it is somewhat heavy. Due to the very solid construction I would expect it to last a good amount of time. In many ways the design certainly has a futuristic theme particularly the upper section and the fire button. The silver and black scheme looks attractive and it means it will match up nicely with either black or Stainless Steel atomizers!

The single fire button is thankfully rattle free and was responsive to and comfortable to use.

According to the specifications the Kik Cloud offers up to 50W of power but it is important to keep in mind that this device has absolutely no LED screen and you cannot adjust the Wattage at all. Essentially the Resistance of the coil in the tank you are using will determine how much power is applied. Now while this won’t suit a lot of vapers it will probably be ideal for anyone who is making the switch from smoking to vaping and wants an uncomplicated device.

Despite the lack of a screen the device does have a single blue LED that lights up when vaping or switching the device on and off so at least you know when it is in actual use or powered on.

With its internal 2000mAh battery the Kik Cloud 50W should give you a good amount of vape time and can be charged via the included Micro USB cable included in the box. The Micro USB Port is located on the base of the device and unfortunately it does not support Pass-through so you will have to wait until charging is completed before you can vape again. Also located on the base are a large number of holes to provide suitable venting for the battery.

Kik Cloud Sub Ohm Tank

Included in the package is Kik Cloud’s Sub Ohm Tank and it comes with two 0.5ohm coils one of which is pre-installed for you. The tank holds about 2ml of juice and features adjustable airflow. Sadly it isn’t top filling but you can’t expect everything.

Filling is straightforward and you simply invert the tank and unscrew the base. The fill ports are reasonably well sized for such a small tank but there isn’t a great deal of room in there so you may have issues with larger juice nozzles or droppers.

Do remember to sufficiently prime the pre-installed coil with juice before vaping. The airflow on this tank as I have mentioned is adjustable but the airflow slots are not exactly huge. Nevertheless the tank does have quite a nice draw and can be adjusted to suit either a restrictive lung inhale or a slightly looser mouth to lung vape.

The tank comes with a Stainless Steel drip tip but I must point out that it is quite a wobbly fit and does come loose a little too easily. I also think that it is perhaps a little too long considering the small size of the tank. The good news is that you can replace it with any from your collection, but the bad news is that some of them may still wobble. I tried five different drip tips including my GP ones and the only one that made for a good fit was a short black Delrin drip tip.

Ease of use

The Kik Cloud 50W is probably one of the easiest to use mods that I have come across. Five clicks switches the device on and off and you simply hold down the fire button to vape.

What is unusual is that the box did not contain a user manual or quick start guide and while it isn’t really necessary given the overall simplicity of the device it is still a little remiss because the manufacturer should have kept new users in mind by at least pointing out how to fit the coils and prime them, along with the correct filling method.

How does it vape?

Included along with the device was a bottle of Rhubarb and Custard from Kik Cloud’s own juice range. Rather than write a very short and limited review based on a single juice it seemed most appropriate to mention it here.  This E-Liquid is mixed to a 60VG/40PG ratio and uses only quality sourced ingredients.

I firstly primed the pre-installed coil and filled up the tank and took my first vape. To be honest I thought it was a pretty decent vape, flavour was pretty good and I could certainly notice the rhubarb and custard notes in the juice. Funnily enough I hate the actual dessert but in eliquid form I find it extremely enjoyable. My personal favourite version of this flavour is Halcyon Haze’s Sergeant Vapour and to be fair this one from Kik Cloud compared well. The rhubarb certainly had a bit more bite to it but to be picky I would say it dominated a little at the expense of the custard. At the end of the day I could personally vape either of them and not be disappointed.

What was interesting is that this diminutive tank did produce a good amount of vapour considering the limited airflow and while it will never put out tons of clouds it should be more than sufficient for the average user. Given that the tank only holds about 2ml of juice I wouldn’t say that you drain it that quickly because it seemed to compare well to other average (meaning modest tanks not TFV4 massive airflow monsters) Sub Ohm tanks.

I have used this device on and off for a couple of days just taking a quick vape now and then and I still haven’t drained the battery yet. Given the 2000mAh capacity you could certainly drain it in less than a day if you are chain vaping away but anyone who only needs a pocket friendly device to use during their breaks at work will certainly get a decent amount of time out of it.


In my opinion the Kik Cloud 50W is a very worthwhile device and while I personally would have preferred the tank to have a larger capacity (blame the very unpopular TPD) the kit itself is pretty good value for the money (typically £35-40) if you want a very straightforward vape experience that doesn’t involve the user having to get to grips with menus and features that they don’t necessarily need right away.

I do have some very minor gripes with it such as the very wobbly drip tip and the lack of a user manual seems odd considering this is marketed as a starter kit but on the whole given that it offers a decent enough vape I feel that this product will certainly appeal to anyone who just wants a well put together, form friendly and durable device that will help them quit smoking! You can check out the Cloud kit on Kik's website here

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