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IVG Dessert Range Shortfills

Following on from last years review of the new IVG Nic Salts flavours, we check out the new IVG Dessert Shortfills

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IVG have never been a company to sit on their laurels, bringing out a steady flow of new flavours to keep us vapers satisfied. Just before Christmas Si took a look at the new Dessert salts flavours, and today I get to try some of the same but in shortfill form.

Previously I have found that some of their flavours can be a bit hit or miss, when they are good, they are lovely, but I have also had some that I have really struggled with, so I am always a little hesitant when I get a fresh lot in. Of course, taste is very personal, and any juice reviews are just one person’s opinion, but here at Potv, we really pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity when it comes to what we do. Now you may be thinking that I am setting this up for a disappointing read but stick with me as I can honestly say these four new flavours are easily my favourite IVG e-liquids so far.

On to the basic presentation and we are very much on familiar ground here as these are instantly recognisable as IVG liquids with their silver bottle tops and shiny labels. If you are a bit of a magpie, like me, you will find them strangely pleasing. You will find it easier to get the tops off for adding your nic shots if you use a bottle lid tool as they can be a bit tough on your fingernails. I’d actually just given mine a trim when these came, and I would have struggled to prize them open without it. The actual bottles themselves are quite firm to squeeze but not so hard as to be painful if not squeezed correctly.

There are four new flavours in the shortfills range, Vanilla Biscuit, Honey Crunch, Unicorn Hoops, and Strawberry Jam Yoghurt. One thing that does slightly bug me is that none of these are your typical desserts. If you ate a lovely Sunday roast, I think you’d be a bit surprised to get a bowl of cereal for pudding. But that really is just me being a bit pedantic! Really though, I think these should come under a breakfast sub brand.

IVG Dessert Shortfills range

Honey Crunch

“Enjoy the sensation of golden honey, layered over a crunchy cereal blend, perfectly wrapped with a dash of creamy milk”

Now in the interest of honesty, I have to say that I haven’t had much luck with cereal flavoured e-liquids in the past, so I wasn’t really looking forward to a few of these, but any concern turned out to be misguided as IVG have really nailed them. Anyone who enjoys a bowl of cheerios will feel instantly at home here as Honey Crunch is a very accurate take on the classic cereal. It has a lovely wholegrain taste which is light and crispy, and the honey rounds things off with a sweet flavour which lingers pleasantly. I like honey in a vape and I think it is a criminally under used flavour, so I was very happy to see it has been used well here. This is definitely an easy going and moreish juice.

IVG Dessert Shortfills Honey Crunch

Unicorn Hoops

“Enlighten your taste-buds with a light taste of marshmallow, entwined with fulfilling cereal sensation, finished off with a splash of milk making it a delicious breakfast blend”

I don’t really get American breakfast cereals, they have too many artificial colours and are loaded with a crazy amount of sugar, they are just the last thing I want to face first thing in the morning. But as an e-liquid, Unicorn Hoops is a bit of a banger. Once again, the base cereal flavour is spot on without being heavy or overdone, but the real star here is the marshmallow. It is light and sweet but at the same time manages to pull off a richness that mixes so well with the milky cereal. I really wasn’t expecting to like this one as I do but it is a real winner, and I will need to stock up on more once my bottle is empty.

IVG Dessert Shortfills Unicorn Hoops

Strawberry Jam Yoghurt

“A deliciously sweet taste of strawberries combined with a perfect smooth and creamy yogurt”

A few years ago, yoghurt e-liquids were being hyped as the next big thing. I think it was after custard revolution, and vapers were just getting desperate for something different. I really liked the ones I tried but they seemed to pass by without making much impact. I think the idea could be a bit less attractive than some of the other more mainstream flavours and that is a real shame. Strawberry Jam Yoghurt, on paper, is a bit of a strange one. I quite like a dollop of jam in rice pudding, but I wouldn’t have thought to put it in my morning yoghurt. But it actually works very well, the yoghurt is creamy but has that slightly sour twang, which is balanced out by the sweet, sticky jam. It is definitely a jammy jam too, not a compote in disguise. It isn’t something I could vape all the time but when I fancy something that is a bit different but will also satisfy my sweet tooth, I will definitely be reaching for this one.

IVG Dessert Shortfills Strawberry Jam Yoghurt

Vanilla Biscuit

“A classic biscuit taste complimented with a smooth custard filling, tasty enough you’ll want to enjoy with a cup of tea!”

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a complete tea obsessive, and any great tea drinker loves a nice biccy to dunk in their mug. I like the quick dip myself; I can’t stand it when I get crumbs and mush in my cup. I’m a biscuit dunking ninja, in and out before the biccy knows what’s going on. But now, thanks to IVG, I don’t need to worry about foreign floating objects ruining my cuppa as Vanilla Biscuit is the perfect complement to a good builder’s brew. This is a light biscuit flavour with a sweet but fairly subtle vanilla cream, nothing revolutionary but a very solid juice which is easy to vape. It is also pretty kind on the coils and wicks too which is always a bonus with vanilla e-liquids.

IVG Dessert Shortfills Vanilla Biscuit

Final Thoughts

All four new flavours are very worthy additions to the already impressive IVG line-up, and I can honestly say these have been a pleasure to review. It is very clear that IVG are really pushing their flavour development department in the right direction, and I really am looking forward to seeing where they go next. If you like the sound of any of these e-liquids, you can order them direct for £12.99 each or 2 for £22.

IVG Dessert Shortfills with AIO

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