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E-Liquid Flavour Concentrates Longfills

Longfills offer something for every kind of vaper, and we got to try three new flavours thanks to ELFC!

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As a vaper who prefers something a bit stronger than 3mg and as someone who also likes to save money wherever possible, I love longfills as they tick both of those boxes, so I was very happy when ELFC got in touch to see if we’d like to check out a selection of their juices for review.

What is a Longfill?

When you walk into your local vape shop, you will normally be presented with rows of shortfills, large capacity e-liquids with space for a nic shot or two, depending on whether you have the large or smaller versions. But the problem is the maximum you can mix them up to is 3mg, ideal for the subohm cloudchasers, but not so great for the more discerning mouth to lung market who tend to value flavour over fog. Longfills still work on a similar concept of being a premix that you add nicotine to, but the ratios are totally different. You will be getting less base e-liquid, but it will be highly concentrated so you can add more shots to make a stronger finished juice. Once mixed, you will still end up with the same amount of e-liquid as you’d get with a traditional shortfill, but at a much punchier strength. I love them as they take all the hard work out of mixing. This is a very basic overview though, and I’d recommend taking a look at this article for a much more in depth guide to the wonderful possibilities longfills can offer.

ELFC are the UK’s largest seller of longfills, and they have a massive choice from some of the biggest names. Scroll through their site and you will see many familiar brands, and they cover all flavours and tastes, so you are sure to find loads to fill up your vape supplies cupboard. If you feel like going down an even bigger rabbit hole, they also sell everything you need to mix your own e-liquid from scratch. It’s great fun, and something I would recommend you try sometime as it really makes you appreciate just how good the masters mixers are!

But as well as selling the big names, ELFC also have their ownrange of longfills, and we are going to look at three of them today.

What’s in the Box?

First up, you need to choose your options. My sweet spot is 6mg freebase, but you can select from:

  • 3mg Freebase
  • 3mg Salt
  • 6mg Freebase
  • 6mg Salt
  • 10ml Salt
  • 12mg Freebase
  • 14mg Salt

For my preference, I got a bottle with 20ml of mixed concentrate, two freebase nic shots, and two booster bottles which is basically additional unflavoured e-liquid, but this will change if you go for a higher or lower strength. 

The main bottles are those lovely flip top ones, so you can just pop them open and pour your shots and boosters straight in, give everything a good shake, and you are good to go. It is mess free and really simple, so you don’t need any mixing experience to end up with some great tasting e-liquid at a much more satisfying strength.


Sol-Ero - Tropical fruit ice lolly flavour - A nostalgic summer classic”

Well this is great timing seeing as summer finally looks like it might be trying to arrive…better late than never! This is a lovely blend of tropical fruits, with a strong leaning towards passionfruit which gives things a sweet but tangy edge. There is also a medley of other exotic classics, all perfectly blended with a creamy base which tastes just like the classic grown up ice cream treat. If you like the original version on a stick, you’ll definitely enjoy this one as ELFC have nailed the flavour.

Blue Ice Pop

Blue Ice Pop - Sweet blueberry and raspberry syrup frozen to perfection. Who doesn't love a classic blue ice pop?”

I love a good ice pop, the stick of ice is always a bit rubbish, but the thick syrup you get once you’ve got rid of the solid bit is just heaven, and I always look forward to getting the left over pouch of sticky juice you get right at the end. This longfill tastes like a slush puppy without all that rubbish ice watering things down, but with a healthy dose of chill to make it super refreshing.

Banana Ice Tang

Banana Ice Tang - We took the popular banana ice candy flavour and added a tropical fruity twist. It's an intense and icy flavour that takes this classic combination to a whole new level”

This one is going to split opinions, banana is just one of those flavours. Personally I love it, but I know plenty of vapers who seem to go green just at the thought of it. I’ve never understood why, but we are all different I guess. This is very sweet, even by regular banana standards, again, this suits me just fine, but it won’t be for everyone. It makes foam banana sweets seem sour! The ice isn’t shy either, everything has been turned up to eleven, and I love it.

Final Thoughts

These are the first longfills I’ve tried from ELFC, and I’m sure they won’t be the last. The flavours are strong and interesting, well-crafted and in your face…just how I like things. The range of strengths is fantastic, and if you are moving away from disposables, these are a great option. Not only is the flavour easily comparable, but you also have the opportunity to gradually lower your nic intake if that is an important factor for you. The option to choose 50VG/50PG ratio also means you’ll have no problem using them with new pod kits, but if you want something a bit foggier, you can also select from the 70VG/30PG options too, so there really is something for every type of vaper.

The icing on the cake is the price. It does vary slightly from strength to strength, but the 6mg  I went for comes in at £6.49 for the full kit to make 60mg or e-liquid. When you compare that to a disposable which gives you 2ml of e-liquid for around £4-5, this makes longfills a no brainer!

Many thanks to ELFC for sending these in for review.

  • Strong flavours
  • Easily customisable
  • Cost effective
  • Hassle free
  • None
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