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Coffee Dunked Donut by Bear State Vapors

Coffee Dunked Donut is the latest creation from California based Bear State Vapor, who are also responsible for Moo Juice and their own Bear State Vapor eliquid line.

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Coffee Dunked Donut is the latest creation from California based Bear State Vapor, who are also responsible for Moo Juice and their own Bear State Vapor eliquid line. The plan for Bear State Vapor was hatched by a group of friends on a road trip along the Pacific Highway from San Francisco to Los Angeles...

Three different brands and five eccentric flavours were dreamt up along this road trip, along with ideas for stand out branding and packaging. An ISO Class 7 laboratory in Los Angeles is where these flavours are brewed up, hand crafted by a team of passionate mixologists that say they have been vaping like lunatics for as long as they care to remember!

Coffee Dunked Donut is the juice I'll be looking at from this bunch of vaping lunatics, brewed to a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, available in 30ml bottles and in nicotine strengths of 3 and 6mg...

Imagine the plumpest sugar sprinkled donuts, dipped in a mouth watering Italian latte with a hint of demerara sugar on the exhale...

My first impressions of the packaging were excellent. Coffee Dunked Donut comes in an American Donut style pink box, with the Coffee Dunked Donut logo on the side, and warning information printed on the box itself. Upon opening the box, I was greeted with a waft of sugary sweet brown sugar and a bit of coffee bean, and that was before I had even cracked the protective plastic wrapper, let alone opened the bottle! 

The bottle itself is a 30ml clear glass childproof dropper bottle, with the Coffee Dunked Donut logo clearly printed on the bottle, along with the nicotine strength, Bear State Vapor website address and relevant safety information, alongside the California Proposition 65 warning. Excited by the delicious smell of this juice, I reached for my first available atty, which happened to be my Kayfun 5 I had just rewicked with Kendo Vape Cotton and rebuilt with 316L Stainless Steel wire to 0.6ohm.

Given the delicious smell of this juice, my first deep inhale at 31W didn't let me down in the slightest. My palate was delighted with the unmistakable taste of delicious donut, a beautiful creamy latte flavour with a hint of velvety caramel and a brown sugar aftertaste almost akin to a creme brûlée. Next up, I ran this through the NarDA at 35W which bought out more sugary goodness, and finally I dropped this through the Goon RDA at 50W which turned this into a real strong coffee donut flavour…

With the 70/30 mix ratio there is plenty of vapour produced as you would expect, which I'm sure will make this juice a firm favourite with cloud chasers. Flavour delivery is extremely smooth, with little noticeable throat hit, and the flavours have been expertly mixed together, with all the flavours mentioned in the description easily identifiable. One thing I did note is that this is a bit of a coil gunker, requiring pretty regular rewicking.

Coffee Dunked Donut is an incredible juice and one of my favourite ones I've tried this year. It's an absolutely stunning blend of latte, donut, cream and caramel, mixed to perfection, that works well at low or high wattage. It's smooth and delicious enough to be an all day vape, and one that can be savoured at any time of day!


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