NNA Warns of Government Threats to Consumers

Posted 16th October 2023 by Dave Cross
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The New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) consumer charity has warned about the “many” threats to vaping and vapers contained within the government’s new consultation on smoking and nicotine products. The consultation process will be conducted across the whole UK because Rishi Sunak wants to “tackle the issues presented by both smoking and vaping”. The NNA says, “the threats to consumers of safer nicotine products in this document are many.”

Government proposals up for consultation:

  • A restriction on the descriptions of flavours and the possible banning of the most popular adult flavours – including a proposal to ban all but tobacco flavoured vapes
  • Mandating that all vape products are hidden away in stores like cigarettes.
  • Restricting or completely prohibiting attractive packaging for vaping products.
  • The possible banning of all disposable vaping products.
  • Including non-nicotine products in current legislation for nicotine containing vapes.
  • Regulating nicotine pouches in the same manner as vaping products.
  • Taxing vaping products to deter youth uptake.
  • Including heated tobacco products in the proposed generational ban on sales of cigarettes to anyone born after 1 January, 2009.

The NNA says: “The proposals also include introducing new powers for local authorities to issue fixed penalty notices for anyone found to be selling tobacco and nicotine products to minors, which includes proxy purchasing (an older person buying on behalf of a younger person).

“Entitled Creating a smokefree generation and tackling youth vaping: your views, it consists of a consultation document and a series of questions and is open to all groups and individuals, with a closing date of 6 December.

“The NNA will be submitting a response to the consultation in due course, but we hope all our supporters will recognise the importance of submitting individual responses too. Please do consider getting involved in this process and have your say.

“Consumers and supporters of harm reduction are a powerful voice. In 2010, consumers successfully fended off very unwise government plans to strangle vaping at birth. Consumers from across Europe also fought an attempt by the European Union a decade ago to prohibit sales of vaping products except by medical prescription and won. It is time to step up and fight again.”

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The New Nicotine Alliance has already responded to the government’s call for evidence which preceded this consultation and warned them of the dangers of over-regulation. The NNA’s submission contains many useful points for anyone considering taking part in the government’s consultation.


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