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Posted 10th June 2022 by Dave Cross
Six days left to go before the world’s premier nicotine event starts. The Global Forum on Nicotine, the only conference devoted to tobacco harm reduction, will take place 16 June at the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw, Poland. For those who can’t fly, most of the conference presentations will be carried online.

Organisers of The Global Forum on Nicotine (#GFN22) say: “Travelling to Warsaw? Dust off the passport (and just double check it's still in date). Joining us online? Remember to register at the website for access to the live-streamed sessions and the full functionality of the conference platform, including Q+A.”

To promote dynamic and discussion-based sessions at #GFN22, allowing time for productive question-and-answer sessions, pre-recorded short responses have already been published online from some of the speakers from the six panel discussions.

Note: only Panels 1, 4 and 5 will be live-streamed.

To watch the presentations, go to the Conference Programme and look for the red ‘VIDEO’ button underneath the speakers' names.

Currently available presentations include:

88 Vape

Panel 1 Academic freedom and the ghost of Senator Joseph R McCarthy

  • Sree Sucharitha: ‘Science is always shaped by the time and the place in which it is carried out’ (Angela Saini)
  • Brad Rodu: The story I’ve never told about my introduction to tobacco research and policy

Panel 2 Safer nicotine products - it’s not all about vaping

  • Karl Fagerstrom: Health effects of snus and non-tobacco nicotine pouches
  • Peter Hajek: Smoking vs e-cigarettes in pregnancy

Panel 3 Misinformation: who can we trust?

  • John Oyston: Disinformation about vaping in Canada
  • Roberto Sussman: Misinformation on vaping emissions
  • Cother Hajat: The health impact of smokeless tobacco use
  • William Stewart: What does the public think about misinformation and trust?

Panel 4 Benefits of nicotine

  • Sud Patwardhan: Nicotine - beyond tobacco

Panel 5 Safer nicotine: human rights and legal challenges

The Electronic Cigarette Company
  • Gerry Stimson: A human rights approach to tobacco harm reduction

#GFN22 organisers add that more videos are being included into the programme all the time and will be accessible before the event starts. The best way to stay on top of updates is to follow the official Twitter account: @GFNicotine

Concluding, they say: “We also have our incredible festival of #GFNFives to get you in the mood - thank you to everyone who submitted your five-minute wonders on science, regulatory issues, consumer advocacy efforts and regional updates.”


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