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The UKVIA are conducting a study to explore the level and quality of advice smokers sought and accessed before making the decision to switch to vaping

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The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) are conducting a study to explore the level and quality of advice smokers sought and accessed before making the decision to switch to vaping. The study explores the level and quality of advice that smokers seek and access before making an informed decision to switch to vaping to help them quit. It comes as the trade body is promoting its VApril campaign.

Currently celebrating VApril, UKVIA is pointing out that “65% of vapers said they never thought they would quit smoking until vaping came along. The VApril website has tonnes of advice to help you make the switch that could see you quitting smoking for good.

According to Public Health England, vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking. This VApril get inspired to make the switch away from smoking or help a friend or family member to do so. Make the switch today.”

UKVIA’s study asks the following kind of questions:

  1. Were you a smoker before you vaped?
  2. How many cigarettes did you used to smoke per day?
  3. How many cigarettes have you been able to cut down to since taking up vaping?
  4. How long have you been vaping? (round up to nearest year)
  5. How did you first hear about or become aware of vaping?
  6. What triggered your decision to start vaping? (please tick as appropriate)
  7. Where did you buy your first vape product?
  8. How would you describe the advice that you were given about vaping when looking to quit smoking?
  9. When buying your first vape were you asked about your lifestyle choices, smoking habits and health goals?
  10. Did you receive any advice on the most appropriate choice of vape device for your smoking habit in terms of ease-of-use, satisfying your cravings and fitting in with your daily routine?
  11. Did you receive any advice on the right nicotine level when buying your first vape, based on your smoking frequency?
  12. Did you receive any advice on the best vape flavour for your smoking habit when buying your first e-cigarette?
  13. Did you receive any advice on some of the challenges that you might face when trying vaping for the first time after deciding to use it as a method to help quit your smoking habit?
  14. Did you receive advice on how to ensure you sustained a successful quit attempt if temptation returned to smoking again?
  15. Do you think smokers would be more likely to quit using vaping if they receive a good level of advice up front rather than just being sold a product?
  16. Which areas of advice do you think would heighten the chances of a smoker successfully quitting their habit through vaping? (Tick all those that are appropriate)
  17. Where did you get your advice from when you decided to turn to vaping to quit your smoking habit? (please tick all that are appropriate)
  18. Do you think that the level and quality of advice was instrumental in you successfully quitting your smoking habit through switching to vaping? Please tick as appropriate.
  19. Have you managed to quit smoking using vaping?

You can help by completing UKVIA’s survey here:


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