26% To Try Smoke-free Alternatives

Posted 14th January 2022 by Dave Cross
Twenty-six percent of adult smokers said they were likely to try smoke-free alternatives such as e-cigs, pouches or heated tobacco during 2022 according to a study conducted by Lake Research. The survey was commissioned by Philip Morris Limited.

Lake Research’s survey discovered over a quarter of UK smokers plan on exploring alternative nicotine products this year as part of a smoking cessation attempt.

The results come from responses received from 1800 people and 58 percent said that they hadn’t quit before as they’d not found a rewarding replacement for tobacco smoking. Anything they tried previously wasn’t “satisfying”.

A third of the respondents said they didn’t know enough about alternative nicotine products and wish they knew more about what options are out there.

Two thirds of respondents said they would be happy to talk to a retailer about products and seek advice on what options might serve them best in supporting a quit smoking attempt.

Funnily enough, the Philip Morris funded study discovered that stores ought to stock more than just vaping equipment and e-liquids. Apparently, they ought to consider stocking heated tobacco products too as just 17% of smokers would be likely to ask about different types of safer products – adding that 65% of the smokers might not be able to match product taste and nicotine strength to their needs.

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Kate O’Dowd, Head of Commercial Planning at Philip Morris Limited (PML) in the UK & Ireland, said: “The New Year provides retailers with a great opportunity to help adult smokers switch to better smoke-free products, like e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products, if they’re unable to give up tobacco and nicotine products completely.

“However, this survey reveals that stocking smoke-free alternatives won’t be enough. Retailers must educate themselves and make connections with their customers, regarding the benefits of these products.

“There is a clear opportunity for manufacturers to work with retailers, to build awareness in store of alternatives like IQOS – the UK’s number one smoke-free product  – and make the retailer the centre of knowledge, so they’re able to help smokers overcome any challenges they may have with the smoke-free category.”

Despite experiencing success in Japan, Philip Morris’ IQOS has failed to gain traction in the UK so far; many flagship stores have been closed.

In September, the company announced the launch of the next iteration of the product - IQOS ILUMA.

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Michele Cattoni, the Vice President Heated Tobacco Platforms at PMI said at the time: “IQOS ILUMA is our most innovative offering to-date and the new flagship in our portfolio of science-backed, smoke-free products. Its breakthrough induction-heating technology heats tobacco from within, without burning, so there’s no smoke, no ash and, like previous IQOS devices, it emits, on average, 95% lower levels of harmful chemicals compared with cigarettes. However, unlike our previous tobacco-heating systems, IQOS ILUMA has no blade. That means no tobacco residue or cleaning—ever.

It is yet to announce if ILUMA will be sold here.

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