Wales Holding Smoke-free Consultation

Posted 13th January 2022 by Dave Cross
Wales has opened up a consultation exercise to allow interested parties to comment on plans ‘A smoke-free Wales’ and ‘Towards a smoke-free Wales delivery plan 2022 to 2024’. The consultation period runs through to 31 March 2022, offering time for individuals and organisations to create their submissions. UKVIA has already made its response and encourages others to follow suit.

We want your views on our draft long-term strategy: ‘A smoke-free Wales’ and ‘Towards a smoke-free Wales delivery plan 2022 to 2024’,” says the Welsh administration.

It says it is consulting on how the strategy will help the principality to become smoke-free in Wales by 2030 – and this is defined as meaning that less than 5% of adults in Wales are smokers.

It says the actions from its first delivery plan supporting the strategy include:

  • making smoke-free the norm in Wales
  • supporting groups and communities that have higher levels of smoking
  • tackling the sale of illegal tobacco

It has appointed various bodies to its Tobacco Control Strategic Board, including the pro-vaping Royal College of Physicians.

Lynne Neagle, the Deputy Minister for Mental Health and Wellbeing says: “The negative impacts of smoking on our health and wellbeing are well known. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable ill health and premature death in Wales.

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“This strategy sets out our vision for a smoke-free Wales and how we will work to achieve it. It focuses on reducing the inequalities in smoking, increasing the proportion of children and young people who have a smoke-free childhood, and ensuring that there is a whole-system approach to a smoke-free Wales.”

The plan pledges to:

  • Create an environment where smoke-free is the norm for all children and young people in Wales.
  • Increase the proportion of smoke-free pregnancies in Wales
  • Promote a smoke-free childhood and aim to break generational smoking patterns to achieve a smoke-free generation
  • Make smoke free the norm to deter social smoking amongst children and young people
  • Increase the proportion of teenagers and young people who remain smoke-free by reducing the uptake of smoking, whilst also discouraging the uptake of e-cigarettes or other nicotine products in teenagers and young people
  • Identify the groups of children and young people who are at higher risk of taking up smoking, and work with them to identify ways to help them to remain smoke-free
  • Identify priority groups of children and young people who have a higher prevalence of smoking, and work with them to understand their reasons for smoking, and provide evidence based targeted support to quit smoking

The plan pledges to “ensure consistent application of evidence-based tobacco control interventions”, which should be welcome given the anti-vaping/pro-lies approach previously favoured by Mark Drakeford when he was attempting to ban vaping.

Further details of the consultation can be found here:

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