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Posted 13th September 2021 by Dave Cross
Multi award-winning e-liquid producer, Riot Squad, has had its Pre-Market Tobacco Application (PMTA) for its range of products move into the Substantive Review phase. UK-based, Riot Squad sells to 86 countries around the world and the producer has established a strong reputation as a disruptor in the vape sector. Progression into the Substantive Review phase for its new line of products marks another important milestone for the company.

The e-liquid pioneer has put itself on the map with a strong and passionate focus on flavour, quality, and immersive vape technologies. Riot Squad says this latest application is further evidence of its innovative approach, constantly challenging itself to get products to market that can assist in smoking cessation.

The review phase is a crucial part of the process for a new product, passing through the PMTAs rigorous regulatory process is required by the FDA to ensure the product is appropriate for the protection of public health.

Riot Squad was founded in 2016 with a sole mission to help people quit smoking. Fast-forward to 2021, it says it is “leveraging the trust and reputation it has built as a responsible, premium, big on flavour, e-liquid producer to take an industry-leading role in smoking cessation, responsibility, and sustainability.”

In a sector packed with competitors, misconceptions, and conflicting advice - along with arising threats to the sector from organisations such as the World Health Organization - Riot Squad says it recognises the need to be the outspoken voice in the industry and lead from the front.

According to UK data from Public Health England issued in February 2021, 55,000 people quit smoking through using a vaping product in 2017. Quit rates involving a vape product were higher than any other method in every region in England - ranging from 49% (Southwest) to 78% (Yorkshire in the Humber).

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A 2019 report showed there are over 6.5m smokers in the UK. Riot Squad knows this startling figure represents a massive opportunity for the vape sector to improve public health but reaching them remains the biggest challenge.

The company says that since its launch, it has “consistently flipped the script on how to encourage smoking cessation and is working on a number of innovative and impactful initiatives, in response to ineffective NHS Quit Smoking Clinics. A pipeline of premium products and new flavours has followed, and this review stage is further proof that Riot Squad sees innovation, and information, as the factors in helping people quit smoking.”

Riot Squad CEO, Ben Johnson, who founded the company after years of experience in the pharmaceuticals sector, said: "Riot Squad has always been positioned as a disruptor in the sector. We had a laser-like focus on creating the most premium e-liquids on the market and coupled it with a brand with attitude. The goal has always been to help people quit smoking. Continuous innovation - like our most recent PMTA going into the Substantive Review phase - and adopting a leadership role within the sector, is what will allow us to achieve that goal."

EDIT: We are waiting for a further statement from Riot Squad following the FDA’s announcement last week where zero PMTAs were approved.


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