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Posted 12th July 2021 by Dave Cross
Sting Free AB produce tobacco-free nicotine pouches with a difference, and business is looking good as it has been joined on the board by serial entrepreneur and investor Andy Cars. Sting Free AB says the move “strengthens the Sting Free AB board” and will help deliver continued success.

Andy Cars has a background as a serial entrepreneur with 16 years of international experience. Since 2014, Andy has been running Lean Ventures International AB which has a focus on structuring and streamlining innovation work in large companies. As part of that work, Andy helped develop the world's first management system for innovation (ISO 56002), which was published in July 2019. Lean Ventures’ customers have included H&M, Essity, Tieto, SMHI, BillerudKorsnäs, Philip Morris and others.

Cars has coached more than 200 start-up teams to take their ideas to market. As a jury member of the European Innovation Council (EIC), Andy evaluates and funds scalable start-ups within the EU. The budget for the EIC as approved by the European Commission is €10 Billion for 2021 - 2027. He holds a magna cum laude MBA from the European University Business School in Lisbon.

Andy Cars said: “Sweden has the lowest number of smokers per capita in Europe and is the only country in the EU that allows the sale of snus. I think that other countries will soon start to follow Sweden's example. With tobacco-free nicotine pouches being permitted, not only in the EU but in most countries, such a development is already taking place.

Being able to offer smokers less harmful alternatives is an important step towards improved public health. Stingfree has an important role to play in that context.”

Cars was welcomed as a board member and investor at Sting Free AB’s recent Annual General Meeting following a unanimous board vote.

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Sting Free AB Chief Executive Officer Bengt Wiberg commented: “Andy brings to the board a whole range of unique qualifications and valuable experiences that I am convinced will help Sting Free AB to continued success. We are looking forward to soon launch the world's first patented Stingfree snus and nicotine pouches via licensees.”

Sting Free AB’s board is now made up of:

  • Bengt Wiberg CEO & Chairman of the Board
  • Daniel Wiberg CTO
  • Andy Cars Member
  • Lars Erik Strömberg

With special advisors:

  • Ken Storey (CEO of Altabac Inc. Canada. Former President of National Smokeless Tobacco Company)
  • Conny Andersson (Snus master blender and internationally known tobacco expert)
  • Curt Enzell (Professor, inventor of the original portion snus as former head of research at Swedish Match)
  • Tony Axell (Professor of odontology and one of the world's foremost experts on oral health and snus)

Sting Free AB (1) says: “Hundreds of empirical tests show that 9 out of 10 smokers and other nicotine users who try snus or tobacco-free nicotine pouches for the first time react negatively to the burning sensation on the gums. The Stingfree technology has solved these problems without affecting the flavour, aroma and nicotine experience of the content and therefore makes these products more accessible to adult nicotine consumers. A large survey with 660 participants among adult female and male snus users in Sweden showed that only 11% of the women and 17% of the men think that the burning sensation of these products is pleasant, while 40% of both sexes dislike when it stings on the gum. In Sweden alone, there are about 1.2 million daily snus users.


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