The 4th Asia Harm Reduction Forum

Posted 28th June 2021 by Dave Cross
The 4th Asia Harm Reduction Forum (1) (2) takes place today and the virtual event promises to be a dynamic gathering of global Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) advocates with significant developments to discuss. The event is being organised from the Philippines, and the Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (CAPHRA) (3) has been encouraging its members to take part.

One topic certain to be discussed is the Australian Federal Government making it increasingly harder for Australia’s 2.3 million daily smokers to quit cigarettes.

Australia is miles behind many others in the Asia Pacific region, and the UK, when it comes to acknowledging vaping’s key role in beating tobacco. Australia is sadly kowtowing to the World Health Organisation, rather than accepting compelling international evidence,” said CAPHRA Coordinator Nancy Loucas.

It’s humiliating that all ex-smokers and those desperate to quit will need to seek a medical opinion and doctor’s prescription to access significantly less harmful nicotine vaping products in Australia. It makes no sense when the country’s smokers can buy a pack of cigarettes from any service station or supermarket on a whim.”

Forum organisers say that as a non-profit and interdisciplinary organization, AHRF2021 will build on the success of the previous three events in Jakata, Manila and Seoul. It will add to the growing knowledge base on harm reduction, educating participants on recent studies and developments in public health.

The forum will feature leading experts from the fields of science, policymaking, and consumer advocacy – focused on research-based solutions and strategies that enable greater education and access to safer alternative nicotine products than deadly combustible cigarettes.


Speakers today include:

  • Prof Dr Achmad Syawqie Yazid
  • Clive Bates
  • David Sweanor
  • Dr Joe Kosterich
  • Dr Lorenzo Mata
  • Asa Saligupta
  • Johan Sumantri
  • Peter Dator

Peter Dator, President of the Philippines consumer group Vapers PH, said the forum is continuing to develop into a significant annual THR event.

It provides an invaluable global platform to discuss emerging issues, practices and policies on harm reduction, public health, and policy formulation. Our ultimate mission is to ensure the integration of harm reduction into health policies and programs,” Mr Dator added.

Nancy Loucas commented: “We love the Asian Harm Reduction Forum. It’s all about empowering individuals, communities, governments to make informed health-related decisions through accessible information, engaging discussions, and by creating a supportive environment. It strengthens the hard work Tobacco Harm Reduction advocates do in Asia Pacific, with the forum positively gaining more profile and traction.”


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