WVA Welcomes MEP’s Commitment

Posted 24th November 2020 by Dave Cross
The World Vapers’ Alliance (WVA) has praised Pietro Fiocchi, an Italian Entrepreneur and MEP, for showing his commitment to vaping in the EU Beating Cancer Plan (BECA). Fiocchi ensured the European Parliament’s Special Committee’s report to the European Commission will include paragraph on vaping.

The WVA says it “amplifies the voice of vapers around the world and empowers them to make a difference for their communities. Our members are vapers associations as well as individual vapers from all over the world.”

The Special Committee on Beating Cancer is made up of 33 full members and is specifically tasked with evaluating opportunities for concrete EU action, identifying legislation and other measures that can help prevent and fight cancer.

At a workshop organised by the British Chamber of Commerce in the EU & Belgium, titled Delivering the EU’s Beating Cancer Plan - Prevention is better than cure, Pietro Fiocchi confirmed that the report will include reference to vaping. The politician said: “It is important [that BECA’s report includes] the right things on vaping.”

Following the event, WVA Director Michael Landl said: “We are really encouraged by MEP Fiocchi’s commitment to including vaping in the EU Parliament’s report on cancer. MEPs have the chance to prevent thousands of cancer cases across the EU by helping smokers make the switch to vaping so now It’s key that MEP Fiocchi’s colleagues follow his lead and show their support for vaping.”

Austrian Michael Landl is an experienced policy professional and passionate vaper. He studied at the University of St. Gallen and worked for several public policy outlets and as well in the German Parliament.

We Vape

In addition to giving his support to vaping in the European Parliament report, the WVA says, MEP Fiocchi highlighted the importance of making sure that BECA had sufficient scientific data on vaping to ensure that the report is as accurate as possible.

Michael Landl highlighted the encouraging data that is available saying: “We should be led by science and not by opinion on this issue. Major health authorities will tell you, the science is clear: vaping is a less harmful alternative for smokers and an effective cessation tool. The committee needs to take note of the ever-growing level of research that backs vaping. The United Kingdom and France are already encouraging smokers to switch to vaping on the basis of scientific evidence. The EU must follow the lead of these countries.”


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