Webinar: The Revision of the EU TPD

Posted 16th September 2020 by Dave Cross
The Independent European Vape Alliance (IEVA) is organising an online event that consumers will be able to view for free. Its webinar will feature experts talking about the new iteration of the European Tobacco Products Directive, commonly referred to as TPD3, and what it means for businesses and end consumers. It is highly possible it will impact on the United Kingdom in some form so consumers may like to know how and what they can do to influence it.

The IEVA says it operates to unite “national associations, companies, manufacturers and wholesalers in the vaping sector, which are independent of the tobacco industry, and providing them with means of​ ​responsible representation at the European level​.

The founding purpose of IEVA is to speak out with one voice against local and community regulations, which are not suited to vaping products and their potential in terms of public health and harm reduction.”

In announcing the webinar, IEVA says: “The Independent European Vape Alliance is pleased to be able to invite you to a webinar on the revision of the EU Tobacco Products Directive, a process which kicks into gear right now. The impact of this revision will be felt by the European vaping industry for decades to come.

The webinar will feature presentations and a question and answer session from:

  • Clive Bates - Former Director of Action on Smoking and Health and tireless advocate for tobacco harm reduction in the European Union
  • Patricia Kovacevic - Global regulatory law specialist with vast experience in the vaping sector in the EU and the United States
  • Peter Beckett - EU affairs expert and a veteran of the last TPD revision process

Among the topics to be discussed during the event:

  • When is the TPD likely to be revised, and what might the outcomes be?
  • What role is IEVA playing in educating the EU institutions about harm reduction?
  • How will the Commission design a new proposal?
  • When and how will Parliament vote?
  • What role is there for national governments?
  • How can industry and consumers get involved?

Previously, Clive Bates has said, “it is likely (not certain) that the UK will continue to comply with the EU Tobacco Products Directive in both its current form and future versions”.

He continued: “The European Parliament is also gearing up. Its lead committee on tobacco policy, ENVI, has already held private meetings on e-cigarettes and a more substantive meeting with a presentation from the Commission is planned for January, [and] has become preoccupied by the recent developments in the United States and are following that narrative”.

The webinar will take place on Monday October 5th, 2020 at 12:00pm Central European Time/11:00am Greenwich Mean Time.


  • The Independent European Vape Alliance – [link]
  • Webinar registration – [link]

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