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Posted 26th August 2020 by Dave Cross
Thanks to the global COVID pandemic, the Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum (GTNF) conference is going to be a free to attend online event in 2020 and offers an opportunity to see what is happening from the point of view of experts in the industry and related sectors. Viewers will hear from public health experts, government representatives, industry experts, people from the media, and the finance sector.

Organisers of the GTFN say the event exists to promote conversations “about tobacco, nicotine and public health” that can develop “more informed views and decisions by all stakeholders”. One of the problems is that many opposed to tobacco harm reduction refuse to engage and have refused invitations to attend this and many similar conferences.

This year offers a unique opportunity for people to partake. Previously organisers attempted to broaden participation by rotating the event’s location around the world, having previously been hosted in places as diverse as Rio, London, Cape Town and Bangalore.

Presentations, debates, and Q&A sessions will stretch across four days with delegates from around the world discussing how the future of the related industries’ futures will be transformed.

The focus of the conference will be: “How the industry can achieve sustainable change through innovation and regulation by responding to the growing demand from consumers for new products and the constant challenges from our global society to be responsible and accountable corporate citizens.”

Notable tobacco harm reduction advocates speaking this year include Marewa Glover, Centre of Research Excellence on Indigenous Sovereignty and Smoking, and Dr Colin Mendelsohn, board member and founding chairman of the Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association (ATHRA).

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GTFN says that this year the event will seek to accommodate viewers in three time zones: “Wherever you are in the world, we will have live world-class content for you within your working hours.”

For those who are unable to view our keynote speeches and panel discussions live, we will offer high-resolution playback on demand. We will host real-time Q&As with most of our keynote speakers and panelists at the end of each session for both delegates and the media.”

While registration is split into four categories (Industry, Civil Society, Non-industry, and Sponsoring Companies), it is free for all [link].


  • Sustainable Change through Innovation & Regulation, GTFN 2020 – [link]
  • Free registration – [link]

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