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Posted 24th August 2020 by Dave Cross
The Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (CAPHRA) is hosting a ‘free to join’ video conference for vapers and tobacco harm reduction advocates. The “Voices4Vape” event aims to unite activists from around the world, provide educational presentations, and coordinating an approach to combat the World Health Organization’s (WHO) anti-vape stance.

Voices4Vape” takes place on September 26, from 8am till Midday GMT. It will involve presentations, live question and answer sessions, and a panel debate. Registration for the event is free [link].

CAPHRA advocates, “for the rights of smokers and users of safer nicotine products to have access and for public health officials and governments support and implement risk proportionate regulation in their countries.”

Executive coordinator Nancy Loucas says: “This will be the first ever conference by, for, and about consumers of less harmful alternatives to smoking tobacco. The conference is open to all and free to register.

“The event will feature informative and educational presentations by leading advocates and researchers and will delve into the nuts-and-bolts of THR advocacy in Asia-Pacific.

“As we all know Tobacco Harm Reduction is a basic human right and we need your help to engage with as many people as possible to drive change for the better not only within Asia Pacific but globally.”

Pure Eliquids

Voices4Vape says: “We need to unite globally as one, in order to let our voices be heard. As consenting adults, we have every right to choose the way we live our lives, including alternatives to help ourselves create a smoke-free world. WHO, we’re not invisible. If you think we are, you’re dead wrong about it!

“Vaping and other forms of smoking alternatives, which have been scientifically proven to be less harmful, are a godsend for those who find it impossible to quit. As consenting adults, we have every right to choose the way we live our lives, including choosing alternatives to quit smoking.”

The event features presentations by leading experts in vaping and tobacco harm reduction, like Clive Bates, Samrat Chowdhery, and David Sweanor:

  • Eliana Rubashkyn - The Honest to Goodness Science of THR
  • Jena Fetalino - Dealing with the Media as an Advocate
  • Clive Bates - Who are WHO?
  • Samrat Chowdhery - The Role of Consumers in Policymaking
  • Joey Dulay - What does Risk-Proportionate Regulation look like

The organisers are encouraging vapers to make full use of social media to share hashtags and publicise the event. They would also like you take part in the petition and survey listed below.

Vape Club


  • Voices4Vape event website – [link]
  • Voices4Vape registration site – [link]
  • Voices4Vape on Twitter – [link]
  • Voices4Vape Facebook Page – [link]
  • Voices4Vape Vaper’s Manifesto – [link]
  • CAPHRA petition site – [link]
  • CAPHRA survey site – [link]

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