Cali Home Clampdown Call

Posted 21st May 2020 by Dave Cross
California zealots continue to wage their war on facts, freedom and fairness as the University of California Los Angeles publishes a “study” claiming that residents of multioccupancy dwellings are subjected to “second-hand smoke” from vapers. They demand legislation to ban vaping at home.

Commenting on the study, Dr. Tony Kuo, director of the division of chronic disease and injury prevention at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, said: "As more people are spending time at home due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is important that tenants feel safe about their surroundings and protected from exposure to unwanted environmental risks like second-hand smoke. We are hopeful that multiunit housing owners, tenants and community stakeholders can come to a solution that protects our communities from this danger in their homes."

What danger?

According to Peggy Toy, Catherine Yount, Ying-Ying Meng, William Zou, Jessica Ventura, Huongly Do, and Nadereh Pourat, people are being subjected to toxins from the “second-hand smoke” given out by vapers. They say this contributes to the “approximately 33,950 deaths from heart disease and 7,330 deaths from lung cancer each year in the United States.”

They wibble on: “Harmful toxins in tobacco are also found in e-cigarette secondhand vapor. The less perceptible e-cigarette vapor is actually an aerosol that contains ultrafine particles, which are easily inhaled. The particles can worsen respiratory ailments, such as asthma, and they can also cause arteries to constrict, potentially triggering a heart attack. In addition, the increasing prevalence of e-cigarettes have increased exposure to SHS.3 E-cigarettes as a new medium for the delivery of tobacco [has] reversed declining trends in tobacco use and reductions in SHS exposure. E-cigarettes have also become a new source of environmental air and waste pollution.”

Aqua Vape

The source for these outlandishly scientifically illiterate statements? Why, studies by Stanton Glantz, of course – including reference to his now shamed and retracted study on vaping and the heart.

On Wednesday, Peggy Toy and Catherine Yount took to the internet for a live presentation of their findings, claiming “half of apartment dwellers in Los Angeles report having been exposed to unwanted second-hand smoke in their homes in the last year, and 9 in 10 of them say they favour policies banning smoking from their buildings.”

"We found that one in two tenants said that they were exposed to second-hand smoke and that there is a need to reduce that exposure in order to protect all tenants and children from harmful health effects," said Peggy Toy.

At no point in their study was there any monitoring of actual air quality from these homes – just the cherry picking of studies and statements that coincided with their illiberal view of what people should and shouldn’t do in their own homes. Laughably, they claim 86% of smokers believe they should be banned from smoking in their homes.


Next month: UCLA researchers will infringe further civil liberties by advocating the banning of spicy food and suggest that 93% of curry lovers agree with the policy.


  • Health at Risk: Policies Are Needed to End Cigarette, Marijuana, and E-Cigarette Secondhand Smoke in Multi-Unit Housing in Los Angeles” by Toy, Yount, Meng, Zou, Ventura, Do, and Pourat – [link]

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