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180 by Glantz

Stanton Glantz has performed a complete 180 on vaping by demanding that open systems should be banned and only pod systems allowed for sale

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Censured anti-vaping mouthpiece Stanton Glantz has called for open system vape products to be banned and says that only regulated pod systems should remain on sale in the United States. After continuous attacks on the pod industry sector, this represents a 180-degree shift for the disgraced studies-for-cash zealot.

Glantz, the author of the retracted heart study, has long opined that pods pose a danger to youth – yet here he is, demanding the 50mg pods used by teens are the only ones remaining in stores: “My colleagues and I have submitted [a] public comment to FDA in response for its request for information on what not to allow in e-cigarettes in light of the outbreak of serious lung disease (EVALI) last year.

The letter was co-signed by:

  • Lauren Lempert
  • Gideon St.Helen
  • Carolyn Calfee
  • Jeffrey Gotts
  • Michael Matthay
  • Matthew Springer

Glantz says the FDA should:

  1. Prohibit additives such as vitamin E acetate and flavour compounds that are cytotoxic
  2. Only permit the marketing of closed system e-cigarette products
  3. Set comprehensive restrictions on device characteristics such as types of coils, resistances, and power settings that generate high coil temperatures and high levels of oxidants
  4. Ban the sale of compatible components and parts produced by companies to be used in competitors’ products

In saying that “E-cigarette liquids and aerosols have been shown to contain a variety of chemical constituents that may have adverse health effects,” Glantz totally ignores the risk posed when compared to smoking. It’s an underhand twist. The dose makes the poison, this dope makes his own when it comes to evidence.

Unable to claim that vaping caused the black-market THC lung outbreak last year, Glantz now blames the industry for allowing it to happen instead: “A lack of oversight of e-cigarette manufacturing and the ease of product manipulation by retailers and users.”

It’s like blaming the manufacturers of pint glasses for people getting drunk.

Glantz wants the FDA to force manufacturers seeking PMTA authorisation to “demonstrate with sufficient scientific/engineering evidence that their proposed new e-cigarette products cannot be modified to add new components, cartridges, or e-liquid refills that are not intended by the manufacturer for use with its product.”

He wants pint glass manufacturers to prove that only non-alcoholic drinks can be used in their wares. It’s a ridiculous and unachievable bar. Some may wonder how he would react if asked to prove he no longer presents a sexual harassment risk to his colleagues? We already know as he initially refused to go on an awareness course. It’s one law for him and his Bloomberg millions and another for those he’s told to oppose.

Showing that he has a basic grasp of Key Stage 3 Science equations, he demands: “The FDA has to place limits on allowable power of e-cigarettes.”

As laughable as his belief that almost all vapers continue to smoke, he thinks legislation can be created to cover all vaping styles. Depending on the juice, device, coils and wicks used, there is an almost infinite variation in the power settings individual users adopt based on their preferred style of vaping. This highlights Glantz’ total lack of understanding of the subject.

“E-cigarettes and other vaping products are complex tobacco products that can be engineered with selective components to achieve a manufacturer’s desired goals (e.g., making a product that is more addictive, has a smoother throat hit, produces more aerosol, or offers a sweeter flavour).”

No, Stan. Products are produced that mirror how the vaping community designed them in the first place, based on need and fulfilment – not to make them more attractive to non-smokers or be used with illegal THC products. Hopefully, the FDA will file his letter in the nearest available bin.


“In identifying additives and design elements known to increase severe lung disease, FDA should not create a ‘safe harbor’ list for e-cigarettes”, Glantz – [link]

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