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Posted 18th February 2020 by Dave Cross
SRNT Europe (SRNT-E), is the European Chapter of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco. It has announced its 2020 SPECTRUM Nicotine and Tobacco Workshop that will take place on “the beautiful University of Stirling campus”. The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) module and Knowledge Exchange Workshop is aimed at professionals and charities with an interest in public health and policy.

The organisers say that participants will be able to do the following once they have completed the four days:

  • Describe and discuss patterns of tobacco consumption, prevalence and addition and the rise of e-cigarette use
  • Assess key milestones in tobacco and nicotine policy and the contribution of policy in developing and implementing effective interventions
  • Critically discuss the role of commercial interests, including the tobacco industry, in promoting tobacco use and recent controversies regarding the e-cigarette industry
  • Describe and discuss the range of effective interventions to reduce tobacco use and the place of tobacco harm reduction, including e-cigarettes, in addressing tobacco use
  • Assess the potential impact of current and emerging tobacco control priorities on different population groups, including tobacco harm reduction approaches
  • Discuss principles of media advocacy as applied to current issues in tobacco control

While a couple of those might look contentious topics, the list of speakers is very positive due to their position on vaping and tobacco harm reduction products.

The event opens with University of Edinburgh’s Professor Linda Bauld, who has frequently spoken positively in the media on the role vaping has to play in reducing tobacco-related harm.

University College London’s Professor Jamie Brown will be covering the most up-to-date information available on rates of smoking, attempts to stop smoking, methods used to stop and success at stopping in the UK. The information will come from the UCL’s annual Smoking Toolkit Study – funded by Cancer Research UK [link].

Professor John Britton, University of Nottingham, will be covering the health effects of tobacco and nicotine. Professor Britton appreciates the harm reduction potential of vaping and frequently advocates its use to journalists.

London South Bank University’s Dr Sharon Cox will be discussing smoking and the homeless. Dr Cox has done a lot of work investigating whether vaping offers a useful route for this demographic to quit smoking and how it could be best implemented if so.

A number of other experts will also be presenting topics related to smoking, tobacco harm reduction, tobacco policy and vaping across the four days. Professionals and charity workers interested in attending can apply on the link below or find out further details.


  • Nicotine & Tobacco: Current Issues, Policy & Practice – [link]

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