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Posted 29th January 2020 by Dave Cross
The Truth Initiative hasn’t yet blamed global warming, shrinking Mars bars or the ending to Game of Thrones on vaping – but give it time. It does say vaping has nothing to do with declining rates of teen smoking in the USA, and now it is promoting a study claiming that using an ecig could encourage teens into a lifetime of drug use.

“The dramatic drop in youth smoking since 2000 has led to declines in other drug use among young people,” says The Truth Initiative. It fails to mention that vaping has played a key role in switching people (including teens) away from smoking tobacco products.

A dramatic drop in smoking? Well that’s surely excellent news? Not according to Truth Initiative CEO and president Robin Koval: “Youth tobacco use is at its highest in nearly 20 years, primarily driven by e-cigarettes resulting in over 5 million youth now vaping across America.”

Teen smoking rates dropping and yet vaping has caused the highest ever levels of teen tobacco use? Welcome to the wonderful world where evidence and facts play no part in what Truth stands for.

“As evidenced by these new findings, years of progress in the fight against youth tobacco have been reversed with millions of teens, most of whom were not smokers, now using a high nicotine tobacco product.”

Only there’s no tobacco in eliquid, therefore it isn’t and never will be a “tobacco product”, but this matters little to Koval. For example, “current use was defined as use of an e-cigarette or a vape at least once in the past 30 days.”

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In addition, the paper bemoans: “Juul’s array of youth-appealing flavours, including mango, fruit medley, and cucumber, was likely associated with greater JUUL use during the period in which data were collected.” Flavour might be a key part of Truth’s ridiculous objection to vaping, but Juul pulled these from the American market.

Then it states: “Recent analyses showed that young users were simply switching to flavours.” The point is clear, it now plans on attacking all remaining flavours.

Finally, the liars at Truth say, “the findings suggest that smoking cigarettes primes young people to try other drugs, which can be addictive, and raises questions about whether nicotine consumption from e-cigarettes risks a similar impact.”

There is no evidence to say that vapers go on to smoker and take drugs, the suggestion is beyond stupid. There is evidence that vaping is a gateway out of smoking and that the Truth Initiative only cares about securing future funding. This was an example of data manipulation to produce a required result; a big lie.


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Image by Iva Balk from Pixabay


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