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Posted 22nd November 2019 by Dave Cross
The New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) developed from a group of individuals who - by themselves and through their links with leading smoking and tobacco researchers and policy analysts – have contributed in the last two years to improving individual, organisational and public understanding of what is known as ‘tobacco harm reduction’.

The NNA wishes to see a mature public and organisational understanding of the potential of safer nicotine products for reducing cigarette smoking, including their safety and efficacy, and hence contribute to the reduction in cigarette smoking. This entails speaking at national and international smoking cessation and public health conferences.

Recently, chair of the New Nicotine Alliance Martin Cullip spoke at the recent Vaper Expo UK in Birmingham. Also speaking were UKVIA’s [link] John Dunne and Vape Club’s [link] Dan Marchant, discussing the importance of fighting the flavour bans, store owners taking precautions with ID checks and product branding. They also discussed the illegal THC cartridge issues, the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement and many other important factors which impact upon the vape industry.

Also, last week, NNA board member Mark Oates spoke about snus and tobacco harm reduction, and the link between sex and snus, in Sweden.

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