Preventing a Catastrophe

Posted 14th November 2019 by Dave Cross
Is the onslaught of anti-vaping news giving you paws for thought? Well, did you know that there is a greater danger poised to knock vaping of the prohibitionist’s flat table? Fur real, we’re not kitten you. Even Stanton Glantz would agree that the clawful prospect of this new furmidable threat is one that should leave us all feline worried.

“CATS ARE SERIOUSLY DANGEROUS,” shouts the headline. “While the Cat Industry claims that some types of cats are safer than others, science proves that cats are a serious risk to kids.”

Unlike vaping, “cute cats come in fluffy, colourful versions that are a gateway for kids into larger, more dangerous animals. While promoted as fun, cuddly, innocent pets, even small cats lead to horrible diseases like cat-scratch disease, plague, rabies, & even deadly toxoplasmosis. Cats have killed over a million humans.”

“Australia showed bold leadership with their program to kill two million cats. In New Zealand, they are proposing a complete cat ownership ban. We must act to protect our children today.”

“Many states/cities have banned or heavily ‘sin taxed’ nicotine vapor products to keep them off the market or discourage their use. It’s time to use the same playbook with cats.”


A world’s first, those behind the website have provided a genuinely scientific comparison of cats when compared to vaping.

Real facts:

  • Unlike vaping (that has never killed anybody ever), cats have killed over one million people
  • Vaping nicotine helps your brain function, but cats actually change the way the brain works
  • Vaping nicotine reduces respiratory problems whereas cats actually cause them

Ultimately, “no cats are safe” say the website creators as they warn against kid-friendly marketing and Cat Industry tactics.

The scary truth about the danger posed by cats should give everybody paws for thought.


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  • Cat-free Kids Website - [link]

 Dave Cross
Article by Dave Cross
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