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Posted 15th August 2019 by Dave Cross
Nothing trends better on social media platforms than stupidity, and an example of this is a post made by stoner content creator “Nudah”. The YouTuber spends his time making videos about Fortnight and ‘drama’ – so spreading fears about JUULs is typical form, even if some suspect he is being paid to do it.

22-yr old Clayton Huddleston, under the gamertag Nudah, claims on Instagram to be a “youtuber with over 5,000,000 subscribers” although he currently has just a tenth of those as subscribers to his YouTube channel. Actual viewings continue to decline, having more than halved in two years, and he has around 14000 subscribers to his Twitter account.

He describes his content: “I honestly do make family friendly content - if ur family is full of fat, drunk, cousin-f****** truckers with a severe learning disability”

This week, Huddleston has spoken about vaping. Recently he wrote: “one of my best friends is currently in the emergency room for what he thought was pneumonia. after a week of testing, they finally concluded that it wasn't pneumonia at all”

“it was his juul creating glass-like shards in his lungs. i fully renounce the juul, throw that shit away”

He posted this screen grab from his phone:

Some online responses to Huddleston’s tweet have questioned whether or not this is just a puerile act by someone suffering from declining viewings and revenue, thrashing about to find drama to boost figures, or if he’s been financially encouraged to make this post by pharma funded anti-vaping organisations.

His “best friend” claims he was suffering from a pneumonia-like ailment. This progressed him saying doctors told him JUULs “created glass like shards in my lungs”.

His followers immediately responded, accepting the tale on face value and filling his timeline like an outdoor festival toilet accumulates mass.


What is the truth?

As the person suffering is anonymous and there are no further details, it is certain that JUUL Labs do not add ground glass to their eliquids.

Nobody else, no other country, has reported this phenomenon.

Vaping does not produce glass like shards in lungs.

In all probability, if there is any truth in the story, the doctors have said that a CT scan has revealed the presence of ground glass opacity (GGO). A Scan depicting GGO indicates a partial filling of air spaces in the sacs of the lungs called alveoli.


GGO is caused by:

  • pulmonary oedema
  • infections
  • various non-infectious interstitial lung diseases
  • diffuse alveolar haemorrhage
  • cryptogenic organizing pneumonia

One study states that “smoking is a predictor of [GGO] growth” [link], and if this person shares Clayton Huddleston’s predilection for smoking cannabis then this is clearly the most likely vector.

Maybe Huddleston and his fat, drunk, cousin-f****** trucker family should be taking this all a bit more seriously?


  • Ground-glass opacification – [link]

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