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Posted 8th July 2019 by Dave Cross
The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) has reviewed its position on vaping that it gives to business owners. The old website advice hadn’t been updated since 2013 but, following a discussion at the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) 2019 Forum, Mark Pawsey MP has got the organisation to rethink.

ACAS were due to have a representative at the UKVIA event to discuss how industry should respond to vaping in public and work spaces. Unfortunately, the person was unable to take part in the session – leaving the British Beer and Pub Association’s Andy Tighe to field points from Mark Pawsey MP, The Freedom Association’s Andrew Allison and Martin Cullip from the New Nicotine Alliance.

Martin Cullip had been keen to press UCAS about the need to not treat vaping like smoking. He contended that business owners and venue managers appear to have simply rolled any existing policy about smoking across to vaping without evidence or justifiable reason.

Mark Pawsey MP, chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Vaping, promised that he would approach ACAS and see what could be done about the advice it offers. The New Nicotine Alliance stated that this was important as the site contained, “desperately out-of-date and contained dubious – and often inaccurate – advice for employers”.

The New Nicotine Alliance say: “The Chief Executive of ACAS has replied, conceding that ‘there is indeed grounds for improving ACAS guidance on vaping’, and promising to amend the terminology used on the site as well as providing ‘more up to date links to commentators and advice on the issue of vaping’. We obviously very much welcome this and look forward to seeing the new guidance once it has been published.”

Fighting on behalf of vapers, the NNA trustees give their time for free and rely on donations to continue to ensure consumer voices are heard. You can support its work by contributing through eBay [link], Amazon [link], or donating directly to the charity [link]. You can become a supporter of the NNA for free [link].

It is fantastic to see a politician following through on his promises and an organisation changing its position as a result of reasoned argument. Hopefully ACAS can update their information quickly so businesses can make informed policy decisions.


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