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Posted 5th July 2019 by Dave Cross
“Dudley is one of country's vaping hotspots” according to the Birmingham Mail, using results from the UK Vape Store Locator (UKVSL) website. UKVSL says it is (hopefully) the most up to date and accurate listing of Brick & Mortar vape shops in the UK at this point in time.

UKVSL says it, “attempts to map every (or as many as possible) Brick & Mortar vape stores in the UK onto an easy to use and informative map.”

You can use the site “to find vape stores in a part of the country you are unfamiliar with, whether you're in that area on business, holiday, or visiting family/friends, so if the worst should come to the worst - you run out of juice, or smash a tank - you know the closest store that may be able to help in your location.”

UK Vape Store Locator is a "not for profit" resource and the website is free to use, but the site owners would like it if you could make a donation to the word carried out by the New Nicotine Alliance if you find it useful [link].

The database currently has over 3250 vape stores mapped across the UK. If your favourite store isn’t there, you can contact the site on Twitter [link] or by email [link]. Send the following details:

  • Name of the store
  • Address of the store
  • A web address (if it has one)
  • A Facebook page (if it has one)

The Birmingham Mail used to the site to analysis vape shop location data and revealed that Dudley is “among the top when it comes to the number of e-cigarette shops per person in the country. Its 29 vape shops means there is approximately one for every 11,014 people living there - a rate that’s nearly double the national average.”

The national average is one vape shop for every 20,109 residents.

Do you have a vape store near you that isn’t listed or one that has shut down? Why not get in touch with UKVSL to help keep the database current.

Is your region more B&M rich than Dudley? Tell us about it on the Planet of the Vapes forum [link].



  • UK Vape Store Locator – [link]
  • UK Vape Store Locator on Twitter – [link]
  • New Nicotine Alliance – [link]

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