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Posted 14th February 2019 by Dave Cross
We are sharing our stories in the run-up to National No-Smoking Day. They are as unique as how we like to vape, yet all share the fact that vaping worked in helping us to quit or avoid returning to cigarettes. These tales demonstrate vaping’s efficacy as a quit smoking tool and are presented to counterbalance the lies coming out of America. We hope they give hope to smokers thinking about making a quit attempt on the 13th March.

Nitsabit began smoking at 16, “in order to look cool, obviously.” She started the giving up process in her mid-twenties. “Sometimes I succeeded for several months at a time. The best effort, using patches, was when I was pregnant but I had a couple of good stabs using will power and one go reading Alan Carr.”

Approaching her fifties, none of the traditional approaches had made a lasting impact. Nitsabit had taken to secret smoking, hiding away from her family – which meant she was always in a grumpy mood because of a lack of nicotine.

“My husband took me to a local vape shop after nagging me to try it for a year. He'd noticed lots of people were vaping and he really wanted me to give up smoking. I had no intention of quitting but thought I could get sly top-ups of nicotine when my family were around and hopefully soothe my dreadful temper.”

“I bought a little All in One kit with 3 flavours of juice. It was fantastic. I've always had a sweet tooth and really preferred Vimto to fag smell. I haven't had a cigarette since and I, amazingly to me, haven't wanted one. I also lost a bit of weight because I wasn't snacking constantly.”


“I found POTV while surfing the net and it seemed easy to join and navigate. I joined up and it’s been really useful. I now have fun hobbies, squonking and buying e-liquid. I think it's funny that when I first went to the vape shop I was adamant I didn't want to mess around with the wire that I could see, but actually, making your own coils is really easy and I wouldn't have tried it without POTV.”

Forum member quincey43 smoked for over 35 years and managed to finally stop through vaping, in 2014. “I bought a pen style starter kit and every time I wanted a ciggie I had a vape instead! I stopped overnight and couldn't believe how easy it was.”

“I found Planet of the Vapes by accident and boy am I glad I did. Not only did they answer all my newbie questions, but also I learnt so much from the forum and it is a great community where people help each other out.”

“I have two sons who also smoked - both of them have stopped through vaping too, so I am proud to say we are a much healthier non-smoking family.”




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