Medication Madness From Parents

Posted 30th January 2019 by Dave Cross
The collection of crackpots and cranks at Parents Against Vaping (PAV) has issued a call for children to be given drug therapies so children can escape a fictional addiction to vaping. The organisation spends its time propagating lies and half-truths and now wants children to have something more addictive than the substance it purports to replace.

PAV runs a website that channels the spirit of everything that was bad about the 1990s AOL Online experience. Like the rest of the lobbying loonies, PAV sticks to attempting to get their perverse agenda into the media rather than engaging in grown-up debate through its social media accounts. Vaping 360s Jim McDonald has written an excellent piece about the women behind the movement.

The PAV site could link to Public Health England or the Royal College of Physicians, but “Websites We Like” only sends visitors to the warped California Department of Public Health and its abysmal Still Blowing Smoke subsidiary.

At a recent public hearing, Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said: “The stories make clear that, for many young e-cigarette users, addiction has already taken hold … These young people are hooked on vaping, and their worried parents, physicians, and the public health community are searching for tools to help them quit.”

PAV responded: “The January 18th FDA Public Hearing: ‘Eliminating Youth Electronic Cigarette use: The Role for Drug Therapies’ was eye-opening. The majority of speakers discussed the rise in youth use and abuse of e-cigarettes. The underlying theme in many presentations was that preventing youth from trying e-cigarettes is as important, if not more important, than discussing cessation. Eliminate youth access and the availability of flavours to prevent a new generation of becoming addicted to nicotine.”

“The problem with JUUL is that teens can JUUL 24/7 as it is undetectable. This leads to addiction, nicotine poisoning and other health risks” - except, nobody can vape 24/7, it is detectable, nobody has been poisoned by a Juul, and no long-term health risks have as yet been identified.

Now PAV is vocalising its support again for kids to be medicated following its participation in an “Eliminating Youth E-Cigarette Use: Role for Drug Therapies” public meeting. Co-founders Alessi, Berkman and Fuhrman got their children to speak “first-hand how the use of flavoured e-cigarettes like JUUL has become normative behaviour, even at school. That would explain a recent Snapchat one of our kids showed us with a photo of a urinal and a caption that read, ‘What is this doing in our JUUL room?’”

There is no respected research that links vaping to addiction levels approaching that of smoking, and vaper testimony suggests vaping is much easier to quit – but this doesn’t fit in with the emotive overdrive from these zealot prohibitionists. It’s frightening that they believe medicating children is improving the situation.


One drug that isn’t currently in the running is Chantix if Professor Kevin Gray’s recent comments are anything to go by. In a recent Pfizer-funded study, he found it failed to help 12 to 19yr-old cigarette smokers quit. “We’re still wrapping our heads around vaping and what we do for treatment,” he said. Still, there will be a good market for whatever it will be if Parents Against Vaping get their way.



 Dave Cross
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