Say 'No' To The EU Vape Tax

Posted 2nd July 2018 by Dave Cross
Despite being the greatest advance in the fight against tobacco-related harm, vaping could be dealt a blow greater than the impact of the Tobacco Products Directive. European legislators are floating the idea that vape products could carry a ‘sin tax’. Vapers have the opportunity to send a clear and unequivocal message to the EU by signing a petition on

John Summers, NNA Trustee and INNCO board member, had this to say to POTV newsletter subscribers: "The EU has pushed tobacco taxes as being about health. By attempting yet again to leverage a "sin tax" on a far safer alternative they are playing with millions of lives and showing their true colours: Money and Ideology is more important than people."

"Since the implementation of TPD Article 20,” he continued, “this is the second attempt to bring about a tax when, as Professor David Sweanor and others have suggested, there should actually be a negative tax to encourage switching."

The petition is live, and states: “The European Commission is holding a public consultation into the taxation of tobacco and vaping products, ending on 3rd September. Consumer associations and tobacco harm reduction organizations are issuing an urgent call for mobilisation.”

“Any harmonisation project should instead look to prohibiting the levy of excise duty on vaping products in the European Union,” it carries on. “Vaping products are not tobacco products and the users of vaping products should not have to suffer a punitive and unjustified tax.”

“Taxation on vaping products ultimately protects smoking, as is shown by the effects in the population in countries which have already introduced a taxation: Italy, Portugal, Greece, Estonia and Hungary.”

The Electronic Cigarette Company

The petition is part of a campaign by groups across Europe:

  • Acvoda (Netherlands)
  • Aiduce (France)
  • Anesvape (Spain)
  • ANPVU (Italy)
  • CyprusVaping Association (Cyprus)
  • DADAFO (Denmark)
  • IG-ED (Germany)
  • Initiativ Fräien Damp Lëtzebuerg (Luxembourg)
  • La vape du Coeur (France)
  • NNA Suitsuvaba Eesti (Estonia)
  • NNA Sweden (Sweden)
  • NNA UK (United Kingdom)
  • ÖDC (Austria)Sovape (France)
  • UBV-BDB (Belgium)
  • Villanypára Egyesület (Hungary)

The tax will make juice and equipment more expensive for current vapers as well as a disincentive to smokers looking to switch. Are you happy to pay more for what you currently buy?

It takes a minute of your time to submit your support, and by completing you will add weight to the arguments being put forward by harm reduction activists. You can find the petition here:

Vape Club

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