Isle of Custard Returns

Posted 11th June 2018 by Dave Cross
Dead men might tell no tales, but Planet of the Vapes is perfectly at liberty to let you know that the popular Isle of Custard brand has been rescued from Davy Jones’ locker (an island more popular than Fernando’s). After a sad DEPParture, the Rejuiced company RUSHed to buy out the BLOOMing marvellous brand so that vapers can vape it KNIGHTLY.

Many vapers were left feeling at the end of the world after Isle of Custard closed down, as it felt the impact demand being too great (not the Curse of the Black Pearl), but Rejuiced have looted their Dead Man’s Chest to reboot Isle of Custard.

The plot didn’t begin with Will, Jack and Elizabeth, but Mike and Marzena. Mike found most custard juices to be too sweet, sickly or chemically tasting. After years of playing with ingredients, he eventually settled upon a juice he loved and was enjoyed by many friends.

Popularity grew; Mike and Marzena opened a shop on the Isle of White and then launched Son of Biscuit Eater, Captain's Custard, Cutlass Custard and Captain's Custard Donut. Sales were booming across Europe but balancing a thriving vape store with running an international juice company proved to be more than the couple could manage. The brand sailed into the setting sun on the horizon at the beginning of 2018.

Enter Rejuiced E-Liquid.


The successful Essex-based company already had the facilities in place: an expert team, the distribution channels and an ISO 7 cleanroom set-up. While Mike and Marzena continue to run their successful vape business, Rejuiced is now producing the original range of Isle of Custard juices to the exact recipes Mike developed.

The website went live on June 10th 2018 with the message: “Ahoy, matey! The Isle of custard is back and to celebrate, all shortfill orders will be supplied in limited edition gold bottles! Please bear with us, demand is high and stock is low. Fear not! The crew are working as fast as they can to bring back the full Isle of Custard range.”

POTV wishes Rejuiced all the best and hope they sail well on fair seas – and good luck to Mike and Marzena too in all their future adventures.

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