Vape Collective 2018

Posted 21st May 2018 by Dave Cross
Vape Collective 2018 event is almost upon us with just two weekends left to prep your vape kits and ready the tent. It’s a family and dog-friendly happening and the only cost will be a nominal one for your tent or camper-van. With the good weather finally here, what’s stopping you from joining in?

Previously, Chris Birks, brains behind The Vape Collective, told us: “I owe so much to the vaping industry and community. I literally owe my life to it, and want to give something back. What better way, than bringing the vaping community together for a weekend of fun, and donating all the proceeds to a deserving charity? That is the concept of Vape Collective.”

“The first event, held in 2016, was a resounding success. It attracted more than 2,000 visitors and all had a great time. Choosing the venue was important. It had to be easily accessible, with a good road and rail network to serve it, and it had to be in the North of England. Doncaster was an obvious choice, and Parklands ticked all the right boxes. With great facilities, extremely inexpensive food and drink, we would be hard pressed to find anything better.”

“I have a great team for 2018, Andy Cross, Bernice Evans and Mark Hempsall, all working for the love of our community, not for personal profit or gain. Admission is free, with a small nominal charge for camping. Vendor's pitches are easily affordable.”


What profits are made go directly to helping Tommy’s Baby, a charity that works towards supporting parents who are impacted by miscarriages, premature and stillbirths.

This year’s event takes place over the weekend of 8th-10th June. If there are any vendors still considering attending then they need to contact Bernice urgently on Twitter or via the website, you need to get it done by the June 1st deadline.

While tickets for the event are free, camping will cost £3 (of which £2.50 will be donated to charity and 50p towards the maintenance of the lavatories). Camper vans are priced at £4.50, from which £4 goes to charity.

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