Labour MP Speaks About VApril

Posted 4th April 2018 by Dave Cross
Mary Glindon MP, the Labour Shadow Minister for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, spoke to parliament about the dangers posed by fentanyl before highlighting the benefits conferred by vaping and the great opportunity VApril offers British smokers.

“It is my honour to be a co-chair of the drug, alcohol and justice parliamentary group, which is just one of the many parliamentary groups founded and facilitated by Simeon Andrews, who died suddenly last month.”

She spoke about the “already alarming situation” of fentanyl (a powerful synthetic opioid analgesic, similar to morphine) and its related analogues. Then she moved on to the subject of electronic cigarettes and the VApril challenge.

“I would like to touch on another matter, which I hope will be of interest to smokers in this House and across the country. The UK Vaping Industry Association is the organiser of VApril, designating the coming month of April as an education and awareness month targeted at the 7.6 million smokers in the UK to help them to break their habit through switching to vaping and so improve their health.”

“The campaign, fronted by TV doctor, Christian Jessen, will encourage smokers to take the VApril challenge. There will be vaping masterclasses at specialist retail stores across 70 cities in the UK, at which smokers will learn more about different products and nicotine strengths that can help them to quit smoking successfully.”

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“A recent review by Public Health England highlighted that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking and that it was one of the most successful ways to quit conventional cigarettes. Not only is vaping less harmful for smokers, but it is a lot less expensive than buying cigarettes and has none of the problems associated with secondary smoking.”

“At least 40% of smokers have not even tried vaping yet, so I hope that next month will be the time that they do. I urge colleagues, especially those who are smokers, to find out more about the VApril challenge and to spread the word in their constituencies to help smokers move towards quitting cigarettes and improving their health, as well as their wealth.”

 Dave Cross
Article by Dave Cross
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