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Posted 29th December 2017 by Dave Cross
The town of Ayden, in North Carolina, is proud of the fact that vaping is banned from its parks, while a vaper is robbed of his cucumber juice in Manhattan Beach. It’s enough to make you want to go for a holiday break, just don’t choose Jamaica. It’s probably worth avoiding flying too. And the lies in New Zealand are the kind of things some Australians say will cost lives.

Ayden doesn’t have 5,000 residents, it’s tiny, but they can all go to bed safe in the knowledge that vaping is being treated as harshly as smoking. It’s been banned from the parks. Well, park. “Our goal is to keep it away from kids,” said Tommy Duncan, Ayden’s arts and recreation director. Good news for Ayden’s kids, now there will be more space in their lungs for Mallard Oil’s burning propane, gasoline and diesel particulates.

Justifiably, vapers often feel that they are victims due to the way they are treated. That’s how an 18-year old from Manhattan Beach is feeling anyway - mainly because he was a victim. The young man was selling a load of Juul Limited Edition Cool Cucumber juice pods, legitimately, honest, at 11:45 at night. In an alley. He was surprised to discover his prospective clients didn’t want to pay, whipped out a knife and made off with his stuff. The limited edition refreshing cool cucumber taste must be very good for them to do that – or very bad that he owned $600’s-worth that he didn’t want to vape.

If it all starts feeling too much then pick yourself up with a joke.

“My wife vapes when on holiday.”



“No, they frown on that kind of thing there.”

Dr. Terry Baker, Senior Medical Officer of the National Chest Hospital, is warning Jamaicans that vaping is “dangerous” and fills your lungs with “embalming fluid”. She says: “While it might not be in the concentration that embalmers use, by no means does formaldehyde belong in your lungs. It is carcinogenic.”

Top thinking there from Dr. Baker. It doesn’t matter though because, by the time you need to catch your flight, vapes will probably be banned from the air as well. Orlando Airport was closed down due to a Li-ion battery saying “Goodbye cruel world” in a loud fashion. People “scattered”, “rushed” and “hid” due to the single pop it made as it vented.

An Air New Zealand flight from Tauranga-to-Wellington had to make an emergency landing too, because someone hadn’t taken the simple precaution to make their device and battery safe. "The cause of the smell has since been identified as an electronic cigarette that a customer had forgotten to switch off as is required under our in-flight safety procedures," said the Air NZ spokeswoman. Who needs enemies when you have incompetent vaping friends like this?

And we have enemies, even in vape friendly countries like New Zealand. The Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ are warning whoever will listen that vaping isn’t proven to work as a quit tool and that old ‘we do not know anything about them’ line. President Stuart Jones opined: “What we don't want is our younger generation of New Zealanders using e-cigarettes or vaping thinking they are not harmful. We just don't have enough information on the long-term effects of these products.”


Twisting facts or overhyping dangers feeds into the negative story cycle that promotes park bans and embalming fluid fears. This ignorance has a singular outcome, as amplified by Ben Fordham (in the video below), talking about Australia's unwillingness to amend laws for e-cigarettes.

 Dave Cross
Article by Dave Cross
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