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Posted 5th May 2017 by Dave Cross
Vapers have seen a recent boom in the number of stories regarding battery failure, explosions and fingers being pointed at vaping. Recently, we have covered the advice given out by fire services but it appears that people still aren’t listening. What is heartening is that when faced with a terrible accident, at least some vapers consider that they were to blame rather than contemplate what they could get for free.

In Hull, a city popularised in the Facebook group Angry People in Local Newspapers for having a lot of angry people doing daft things, Ian Cudbertson has added to the canon. Cudbertson, a resident in the western side of the city, popped into the North Point Shopping Centre and purchased a cloned Caravela mechanical mod from a market stall.

Vapers on the POTV forum will instantly recognize the dangers posed by a mechanical mod such as this: owners would need to ensure safe contact is being made between the switch and the base of the battery, that the base of the atomiser makes clear and safe contact with the top of the battery, and that all coils are built with regards to Ohm’s Law.  A market stall is not the ideal place to source vaping products and buying budget items can mean shoddy production standards.

“I took it home but the next day is started to feel very warm in my back pocket. It took it out and it started to spark so I threw it on the couch and it just blew up like a hand grenade,” said Cudbertson. “Acid from the battery burnt through my clothes and on to my back while part of e-cigarette hit me in the leg. If I had been smoking it at the time it would have blown half my face off. I wouldn't be here now. My ex-partner is eight months pregnant and she was next to me at the time. I had to shield her from the explosion.”

He continued: “I am in ridiculous amounts of pain at the moment and I'm still in shock. I will never smoke another e-cigarette in my life. I would be careful where you buy your e-cigarette. You should always go to a reputable store as buying them elsewhere could pose a danger."

Christian Davis agrees. The American hospital worker was on his break when his device caught fire: “All I saw was smoke and fire, and my boss said for sure it had to have been a huge flame. If I had been puffing on that, it would've taken my face off. I wouldn't be here right now."


"I shouldn't have kept that stuff in my pocket, and I've learned by talking to other people. It's a risk if its not operated properly. It’s just, in a sense, like a small bomb. If you get it too hot, it can explode. If it’s in your pocket and it continuously stays on, it’s going to keep firing.”

Davis told a local reporter that it’s important to educate yourself to the possible dangers and how to avoid them.

Where can you find reliable information? Your first port of call ought to be the Planet of the Vapes forum where you can get in touch with almost 40,000 members who have many years of experience. It’s a warm and welcoming forum – come in!

 Dave Cross
Article by Dave Cross
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