Snus Victory for the NNA

Posted 27th January 2017 by Dave Cross
The High Court has just announced that it will allow the ban on the smoking substitute snus to be referred to the European Court of Justice.

Professor Gerry Stimson, who is leading the legal challenge to the ban by the consumer group, the New Nicotine Alliance, said: “There’s now a race to see whether European judges or British politicians will lift the ban first. They realise that with British men smoking four times as much as Swedish men we cannot justify continuing the ban on snus. If the European Court doesn’t do it first, I hope that when Brexit happens the bonfire of regulations will begin with this stupid ban on the world’s most successful safer alternative to smoking.”

The Daily Express reports: "In parallel with today’s legal attempts to overturn the ban, a group of 22 Conservative MPs has written to the Health Secretary urging him to include snus in his forthcoming Tobacco Control Plan which will cover Britain’s smoking policy after Brexit. The EU’s own Commission reported that 'it is undeniable that for an individual substitution of tobacco smoking by the use of moist snuff or snus would decrease the incidence of tobacco related diseases', yet its sale is still outlawed outside Sweden."

 Dave Cross
Article by Dave Cross
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