The Final Countdown

Posted 28th September 2015 by Dave Cross
Finally, after the months and years of discussion and hyperbole, we are into the final countdown – the week that will end all questions about the TPD and Article 20 being implemented. The week that decides if vaping as we know it has a future.

Let’s remind ourselves what rests on the outcome:

  • Less innovation in a demanding consumer market
  • Fewer suppliers in the marketplace
  • A reduced product range for consumers
  • Increased product costs due to over-regulation
  • Electronic cigarettes will become less available than conventional tobacco cigarettes and other tobacco products
  • A significant number of existing electronic cigarette users will return to smoking conventional tobacco products
  • A number of future and existing tobacco cigarette smokers will not have a readily available, attractive e-cigarette alternative



Join us on the POTV forum as we get anxious and build up to the events to follow.


Look out for updates on the POTV Facebook or tweets to our Twitter account as we cover the petition handover directly from London. @POTVMawsley will be heading down to London in the morning to cover the event and talking to Totally Wicked and all the vapers attending.


Back to the POTV forum as we all get even more nervous.



The big one as the Totally Wicked legal challenge of Article 20 is being heard. How the UK government proceed with vaping legislation will be directly effected by the outcome of today. We will be sharing all the news as it breaks and endeavouring to obtain comment from as many vapers, public health experts and experts as possible.


Everyone to the pub, either celebrating or commiserating.

 Dave Cross
Article by Dave Cross
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