The Vaper Expo UK

Posted 13th July 2015 by Dave Cross
The Vaper Expo in Birmingham was the third new event to the vaping calendar this year. With a 3,000 capacity, the event was sold out in advance of both days and declared a resounding success by everyone involved. Vapers travelled the length and breadth of the United Kingdom to meet friends and have fun with the queue beginning at shortly after breakfast time.

The head of the queue was claimed by keen vapers from the UK Slick Vapers group on Facebook with some of them getting up at 4am to arrive by seven. It emphasises that these events provide a real focal point for vapers who otherwise interact in a virtual environment: they are an opportunity to come together, share laughter and experience a day out together.

The event showcased the new Lost Fog line from Cosmic Fog and featured a sample from Vapouround Magazine (a new UK quarterly due to be launched next month). There were giveaways from the main stage and chill-out areas for attendees to collect their thoughts. With the samples and discounts being offered, vapers left for home with loaded bags and happy faces - looking forward to next year.

The UK Slick Vapers crew enjoying the early morning sun.

Totally Wicked pushed the boat out.

Pure Eliquids

Mods and juice everywhere you looked.

Event sponsors Cuttwood had a mighty presence. "We're here to boost our presence in the U.K.," said Sosicc, "as you guys are about 6 months behind the States. It's just going to get bigger here."

The Electronic Cigarette Company

You need advice? We got advice.

Stalls were rushed off their feet with the crowds.

Vape Club

Voted "Best Juice Line" at a previous event, Element scored many new fans at Vaper Expo UK.

Alan Moore may wish he'd kept the merchandising rights with the number of "V" masks present.

Premier Ecigs

Decisions to be made.

Advice to be sought.

Menus to be consulted.


Plenty of choice.

Time for a game of "Spot the Ape".

Opinions to share.

Purchases to be made.


Samples to be tried.

Meet interesting new friends.

Check out the bottoms.


And read the magazines on the journey home.

 Dave Cross
Article by Dave Cross
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