Vozol Launches the NEON 800

Posted 17th July 2023 by Dave Cross
Vozol, a renowned leader in the vape industry, has recently released the Neon 800. The company says it is a TPD-compliant device with 800 puffs, making it “a flagship model for European market” featuring FEELM Max. The Neon 800 vape “revolutionises the vaping experience by delivering superior performance, exceptional flavour, and longer usage capacity”.

Vozol says it is “a world-famous vape brand with a complete system of design, research, development, manufacturing and global distribution, with partners all around the world”. It adds that it is “committed to making joy happen, with products that will be perfect both in design and function”.

Introducing the Neon 800, the company says the product distinguishes itself from conventional vapes by replacing the traditional cotton coil with “an innovative ceramic coil”, adding that “this pioneering advancement significantly increases the number of puffs achievable from a 2ml vape while simultaneously reducing particle size by an impressive 55%.”

The company continues: “Engineered to conform to global regulations without compromising performance, the Neon 800 enables users to enjoy an unparalleled vaping experience while maintaining a 2mL e-liquid capacity—the highest puff capacity available for a 2 mL e-cigarette.

“Unlike other products, the Neon 800 ensures consistent power output, guaranteeing a consistently delightful flavour, regardless of battery condition. By eliminating power fluctuations that adversely affect burning capacity and taste, Vozol ensures that each vaping session remains consistently satisfying.

“Designed with transparency in mind, the Neon 800's sleek and translucent exterior enables users to effortlessly monitor e-liquid levels at all times. This user-friendly design eliminates guesswork and provides a quick and convenient means of determining remaining e-liquid quantity.


“This thoughtful design not only eliminates the risk of prematurely discarding the vape before depletion but also prevents unpleasant burnt hits caused by vaping without e-liquid in the tank. Vozol's commitment to user satisfaction is exemplified by these innovative features.

“The Neon 800 incorporates the revolutionary FEELM Max ceramic coil, developed in collaboration with industry-leading experts - Smoore. This state-of-the-art coil technology produces an ultra-fine mist with particle sizes as small as 0.9 μm—55% smaller than those produced by conventional cotton coils. The consistent porosity of the ceramic ensures a smoother taste and a more enjoyable vaping experience.

“In addition, the ceramic coil significantly reduces impurities generated during the heating process by an impressive 78%. This reduction enhances the cleanliness and purity of the vaping experience, leaving users with a pleasant aftertaste that lingers long after each puff.

“The Neon 800 offers an extensive range of 15 fantastic flavours, carefully crafted to suit a variety of taste needs. Whether you crave the refreshing taste of watermelon bubblegum, the tantalizing burst of rainbow candy, the invigorating essence of grape ice, the soothing coolness of menthol, or the creamy delight of strawberry ice cream or cream tobacco, Vozol has a flavour to satisfy every preference.

“In line with commitment to environmental sustainability, Vozol proudly participates in a comprehensive recycling scheme in the Neon 800. This initiative aims to minimize the ecological impact caused by disposable e-cigarettes that often end up in landfills, polluting our precious ecosystems. Through this program, the entire device can be efficiently recycled, mitigating the negative consequences associated with electronic waste.”


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