E-liquid Calculator Update

The latest revision to POTVs mixing calculator is out. Lots of tweaks and updates!

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With the TPD just about to come knocking at UK vaper’s doors there is no doubt that home mixing is growing in popularity. We initially launched our e-liquid calculator in late 2012 and it has had a couple of updates along the way. The newest version is our best yet, come check it out!

POTV’s E-liquid Calculator has been around for around four years now.  A long time in vaping history and it is part of the site that we have been very proud of.  We know that the POTV community has helped many people move from buying e-liquids to mixing their own, and even on to selling their creations and creating some of the best UK e-liquid companies around today.

As the TPD starts to bite we have seen many more posters on the forum asking about home mixing or stating their intentions to start mixing as soon as possible.  With this in mind we are pleased to announce a complete overhaul of our eliquid mixing calculator and e-liquid recipes section.

The design and layout of the section has been updated to make it much easier to use the section on your phone or tablet.  Anyone who has an account on the forum can now store their recipes on POTV and they will be available to them no matter what device they use to access the site.

Vaper’s have the option to keep their recipe private or to share it on the site for others to try.

If you see a recipe you like you can now tweak the nicotine level, base ingredient mix and concentrates by using the “Adapt Recipe Mix” button.

If you are logged in to the site you will also have an option to clone a recipe – take the original, tweak it to your desired strength or adapt the flavourings and then save it again for later use.  User’s own recipes have a notes section as well so you can record details of tweaks or ideas against that recipe to keep track of your changes.

The mixing calculator outputs the final recipe measurements in either volume (millilitres) or weight (grams) – mixing by weight is a massive time saver and we urge anyone new to vaping to investigate mixing using this method.  All you need is a beaker and a set of scales – you can make 100 ml of juice in minutes with minimal fuss and mess.

We have also added a rating system so you can highlight your favourite recipes to others.

We have over 260 recipes on the site to try so there should be something there to suit everyone’s tastes!

If you would like to see any changes made or features added to our mixing section just let us know.

If you have any questions about home-mixing at all then join us on the forum on the mixology section where you will find lots of helpful advice and information – and if you can’t find what you are looking for then sign up and ask away – we’re always happy to help and share what knowledge we have.

Happy mixing!

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Dave Junglist is co-owner of Planet of the Vapes and has been vaping since 2015.  He spent his early years with his head in a bass bin and was a very committed and experienced smoker.  He had his first cigarette at the age of 13 and just knew it was for him.  He did stop briefly with the aid of patches but reverted quickly and became a ‘secret’ smoker, working hard to keep his weak will from the attention of his family.  Vaping made an honest man of him and for this he is forever thankful. He has been involved in websites since completing a degree in Environmental Science in the late nineties.  At that time there was pretty much no contact with computers but on joining the regular workforce and deciding that the world-wide-web was the future he blagged his first job as a web designer and never looked back. As you would expect from a junglist, Dave likes his beats and is most comfortable when the bass is wobbly.

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