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Recipe Name Rating User Created ▾
green apple biscotto cookie griffo1981 17th January 2017
energy apple and grape griffo1981 16th January 2017
pink sherbet CloudyBumpkin 14th January 2017
pink lemonade CloudyBumpkin 14th January 2017
simple Raspberry CloudyBumpkin 14th January 2017
PBmist CloudyBumpkin 13th January 2017
Kevs classic custard Star 1Star 2Star 3Star 4Star 5 2005kevinfish 12th January 2017
Mothersmilk clone clone by Tammy clone by Tammy Tammy 8th January 2017
CCD Slam Berry Clone bendevo1991 23rd December 2016
Naughty but nice redmatt76 22nd December 2016
Keylime cheesecake Greebo 21st December 2016
Seduce snakeoil clone Vapelunatic 17th December 2016
Mothersmilk clone Vapelunatic 17th December 2016
massive melons crustyfolker 13th December 2016
b.p.m ryan frow 3rd December 2016
Cosmic Fog Milk and Honey clone clone matrix 23rd November 2016
Ez Duz it On Ice bendevo1991 21st November 2016
Bangin Strawberry Milkshake Star 1Star 2Star 3Blank Star 4Blank Star 5 bill1965 15th November 2016
Peanut Butter Star 1Star 2Star 3Star 4Star 5 bigbluenose 14th November 2016
Cosmic and Nut Milk Star 1Star 2Star 3Star 4Star 5 brian06 13th November 2016