PLEASE NOTE: This feature is set to be discontinued soon. Please ensure you save a copy of any recipe you don't want to lose

E-liquid Calculator

You can use our e-liquid calculator to mix your own recipes using individual concentrates to create a mix or you can use it to work out the right amounts of PG, VG and nicotine to add to a ready-made mix or 'one-shot'.

All you need to do is to is set the amount of e-liquid you want to make, what nicotine strength you want it to be (mg), the PG / VG ratio - and then add your ingredients.

The great thing about our e-liquid calculator is that once you have saved your recipes on it you can log in to our site and view the recipes on your phone, tablet, desktop or laptop - so you can tweak your recipes on a big screen and then view them on your mobile device when mixing. We take care of the backups so you don't ever need to worry about losing your recipes.

You can to share recipes or keep them private - this is all totally under your control. You can now also make 100% VG recipes using the PG/VG button underneath each flavouring.

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Weight details

The above recipe uses the default site weights for the grams calculation. You can change these on the settings page.

Base Weights
PG Weight: 1.038g/ml
VG Weight: 1.26g/ml
Nicotine Weight: 1.01g/ml
Ingredient Weight
PG Concentrate Weight: 1.07g/ml
VG Concentrate Weight: 1.038g/ml
Dilutant Weight: 1.00g/ml