Life Insurance for Vapers

Posted 3rd May 2018 by Dave Cross
Planet of the Vapes began as a forum for vapers to get together and share information. Over the years we have grown into a huge beast, but still hold fast to the notion that our primary aim is to help people access facts and the truth about vaping. We were delighted to hear that vaping has been recognised by one insurance provider and wanted to find out more.

When people apply for life insurance or critical illness cover, it is typical to be asked if cigarettes, cigars, a pipe, e-cigarettes or any nicotine replacement products have been used in the recent past. This discrimination fails to recognise that the majority of the British research, medical and public health community value vaping as being orders of magnitude safer than smoking.

We are delighted to discover that one company is determined to make a difference.

Case Study #1

Case Study #1

David Mead, Future Proof’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “For years, Life insurance companies have charged Vapers the same premium as they do to people who smoke cigarettes - until now.”

“Future Proof Insurance have teamed up with the UK's Vaping Industry Association to bring cheaper than smokers rates to vapers.  Future Proof have access to the UK’s only Insurer who have created discounted Life Insurance rates for people who have swapped from cigarettes to vaping,” he added. “The lower premiums reflect the health benefits of not smoking cigarettes. Public Health England [PHE] estimates vaping is 95 per cent less harmful than regular cigarettes.”


Case Study #2

David continued: “The biggest winners are people who haven’t smoked tobacco for over 12 months and have only used nicotine replacement products (such as e-cigarettes) during that time. In many cases they will be quoted premiums which are about half the cost which a ‘smoker’ would pay.”

If you or somebody you know vapes, or uses e-cigarettes, and want a quote, call Future Proof on 0800 644 4468 – Monday to Thursday from 09.00 to 19.00 and on Friday between 09.00 and 17.00.

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