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Vaptio C-Flat Starter Kit

Vaptio are a US based company established in Seattle in 2014, and are constantly looking at how they can change the vaping world through innovation and design. Since their inception in 2014, they have quickly grown their product line to offer hardware geared towards all users, from beginners to experienced vapers alike.

Although research and product design is done in the US, the manufacturing of Vaptio hardware is actually outsourced to First Union Group- a company established in 2004 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China. First Union Group employ over 5,000 staff and run three separate manufacturing plants equipped with LEAN production lines to meet dust free product guidelines. They are compliant with all leading manufacturing standards and qualifications thanks to their strict quality control procedures.

One of Vaptio's newest products is the Vaptio C-Flat Starter Kit, which is a refillable pod system boasting 1.5ml replaceable cartridges. It has a built in 350 mAh battery which is recharged via USB, and it is able to output up to 15W of power. It's unique duckbill shaped mouthpiece design also enables it to offer both a mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping experience, to further broaden its appeal!


  • 120.5mm x 24.9mm x 15.1mm dimensions
  • 1.5ml capacity refillable cartridges
  • 1.0ohm coil resistance
  • 15W maximum output power
  • 350mAh built in battery
  • USB rechargeable
  • Fast charging
  • Pass through enabled
  • Mouth to lung and direct to lung compatible
  • Champagne Gold and White, Red and Black and Black colours available
  • In-built button to prevent misfires
  • Overheat protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • LED light indicator

What's in the box?

The Vaptio C-Flat Kit comes immaculately presented in an eye catching presentation box, inside you will find the Vaptio C-Flat Mod, two Vaptio C-Flat Tank cartridges, a Vaptio C-Flat duckbill shaped drip tip, a USB cable and a user manual.


Vaptio C-Flat Kit

With its curved edges, the Vaptio C-Flat kit is a very sleek and attractive looking little pod system that is the perfect size to slip into your pocket. In hand, it is very light and comfortable to use as well making for a very well designed unit. The position on the power button has been well thought out, easy to press whether you have the button positioned at the top or the bottom, and as the power button has a very slight recess you can pocket it without fear of the device misfiring. I'd still recommend switching it off to be on the safe side!

An LED light indicator is present at the bottom of the Vaptio C-Flat Kit, which glows green when the power button is pressed and whilst the device is charging. It doesn't seem to indicate how much battery life is left, which is a slight annoyance, as the battery does seem to just die off without warning when you are using the Vaptio C-Flat Kit. A three colour LED system would have been better here, to give you some sort of indication as to how much battery capacity you have left. The LED light does feel somewhat redundant!

A unique feature of the Vaptio C-Flat kit is the duckbill shaped mouthpiece, which has been designed to accommodate a mouth to lung or direct to lung inhale depending on whether you have it positioned upwards or downwards. A slit in the middle of the mouthpiece unit has been designed to show how much e-liquid you have left in the cartridge, however the cartridge itself is too dark and I have no way of seeing how much e-liquid is left in the cartridge without physically removing the mouthpiece, a lighter coloured cartridge may have been a better design option!

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Using the Vaptio C-Flat Kit

The Vaptio C-Flat Kit is primarily aimed at new users, and as such it has been designed to be as easy to use as possible. Firstly, you need to select one of the two supplied cartridges, and fill it with your chosen e-liquid. A small silicone bung is located at the top, this can be easily removed to reveal the fill hole. The cartridges have a 1.5ml capacity, and have a 1.0ohm coil housed within them. Once filled, allow the liquid to sit in the cartridge for 5 minutes and you are ready to vape! I have noticed that the cartridges do last a fair few refills, I got 10 refills out of my first cartridge and 9 from my second, which is handy as the cartridges do not seem to be widely available within the UK at present. There are a few about and they cost around £5 for two pods.  So in terms of low-cost vaping they are not the best option out there - you might get more mileage out of higher PG juices but a lot will depend on the sugar content in the liquid as well so let us know how long your pods lasted if you have one of these devices.

Five clicks of the power button will turn the Vaptio C-Flat Kit on and off, and the LED light at the base will blink accordingly. Simply press the power button and inhale to take a draw on the device. The Vaptio C-Flat kit is supposed to offer a mouth to lung draw when the power button is positioned at the top of the device, and a direct lung draw when the button is positioned at the bottom, however I didn't notice any difference between the two. It does offer a nice and flavourful mouth to lung vape however, with a decent amount of vapour production!

A 350 mAh built in battery is present with the Vaptio C-Flat Kit, and it can output up to 15W through the 1.0ohm coil present in the cartridges. The battery does not last all that long however, even if I use this as a backup device I find that I need to recharge it at least once a day. It does have USB fast charging however, meaning that it can fully recharge in just about an hour.


The vape from the Vaptio C-Flat kit is very enjoyable indeed, with a pleasing mouth to lung vape that packs a very decent flavourful punch. It looks the part too, with a very sleek design that feels great in hand. Performance wise, I have found this to be a great little pod system that I have very much enjoyed using.

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When weighing up purchasing the Vaptio C-Flat Kit you do need to take into account the negatives, and there are a few here that could perhaps be worked on for a second version of the Vaptio C-Flat Kit. I personally would like to see an LED system that indicates how much battery life you have remaining, a clearer cartridge so that you can easily see how much e-liquid you have left in the tank as well as a true direct lung option alongside the current mouth to lung draw. If those issues are worked on for a revised version, then Vaptio could be onto a real winner!

Many thanks to Vaptio for sending the C-Flat Kit in for review, Vaptio have also generously supplied us with a C-Flat Kit to giveaway so to be in with a chance of winning one you can enter the competition here!  You can find out more about Vaptio on their site

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