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Vape D-Lites

Vape D-Lites are a family run eliquid manufacturer based out of San Diego, California that currently has five different eliquids designed to cater to a variety of different tastes, with the cleanest and best ingredients available to them used to manufacture the Vape D-Lites range.

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One aspect I picked up on with the Vape D-Lites range was just how clean these eliquids are, and with little to no sweetener present even some of the ‘heavier’ flavours like Deep Fried Cookies and Maple Glazed are very easy going on your coils, certainly more so than a lot of the sweetener heavy eliquids that come out of the USA.

Vape D-Lites is an expertly blended range of eliquids, and one that is of real high quality. I thoroughly enjoyed each one of the eliquids present in the Vape D-Lites range, with Maple Glazed being my pick of an extremely good bunch. It's really good to see top quality USA eliquid making its way over to our shores in TPD compliant format, long may it continue!

Many thanks to Vape D-Lites for providing the Vape D-Lites eliquid range to review, these can be purchased from Wholesale enquiries can be made via telephone on 07578 362 007 or via email at [email protected].

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