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The latest kit from popular manufacturer SMOK is the QBOX. This highly compact device offers up to 50 Watts of power and can be used in Variable Wattage or Temperature Control Mode.

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The QBOX is a very attractive and exceptionally compact device that is easily carried around. In Wattage Mode it works well but Temperature Control Mode while functional is not the best. The included tank offers a great vape resulting in nice flavour and clouds but the leaking issue definitely troubles me. Given that the same tank sent for review with the SMOK OSUB 80W Baby had no such problem I’m really hoping this one is just an unfortunate dud.

The tank leaking isn't really relevant since I have tried a Baby Beast Tank packaged with another SMOK device, it had no such problem and I really enjoyed using it! Sadly on this occasion the fault was either down to a defect in the glass or the result of the item being knocked around in transit so it is unlikely to happen to you. The only thing to keep in mind about the QBOX is its small battery so it certainly won’t suit anyone who vapes heavily but for more modest users I think the QBOX might be a decent enough choice! As always the decision to buy is yours to make!

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