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Kind Juice E-Nectars

Kind Juice take a holistic and all natural approach to their eliquids, with their juices manufactured from all natural organic flavour extracts, rather than traditional artificial flavour concentrates, with a 100% VG blend, completely free of PG.

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I was amazed with the juices I got to try from Kind Juice, all five of these liquids tasted just about as close to their real life counterparts as it gets! The level of realism produced by these organic flavour extracts present in the juices is simply incredible, these both smell and taste pretty much just like the real thing itself. Even though these are 100% VG liquids, these are definitely not short on flavour at all, there’s loads of full on tasty flavour in abundance from these juices, not to mention the phenomenal cloudage and amazingly smooth vape that a 100% VG juice is able to provide.
Bear in mind that as these are 100% VG liquids they are very thick, and as such many tanks will struggle to wick these juices, an RDA is ideal for the Kind Juice range, however these work consistently well at both low and high power. Another thing of note is that Kind Juice is also great for people with a PG allergy or sensitivity, as no PG is present whatsoever in Kind Juice eliquids. The Kind Juice range is a highly impressive ethical and organic range of juices that I can wholeheartedly recommend!
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