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Innokin Aquios Bar Disposable Vapes

Innokin have released the best solution sustainable vaping when it comes to disposables. Si strips down the new Innokin Aquios Bar Disposables

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Supplied by Innokin/Aquios Labs for review
Price £23 for a box of 10

Before you write this off as a regular disposable wait! The Aquios Bar is a bit more recyclable than other disposables as it has been designed to be stripped into parts for recycling, it also features ‘Water Based Technology’ (as seen in Innokin’s previous Innobar C1).

  • Up to 600 Puffs
  • Paper Based Body
  • Easy-strip Construction
  • Water Based Eliquid
  • 17 Flavours
  • Nicotine strength: 20mg/ml
  • Battery capacity: 500mAh
  • Coil: Aquios 1.1ohm Nichrome mesh coil
  • Power output: 3.6V constant output
  • Dimensions: Ø17*108mm

Innokin Aquios Bar Disposable

Here’s a bit of info from Innokin’s news:
“The water content found in products deploying AQ30 technology produces smoother vapour, delivers nicotine to the bloodstream more efficiently and significantly reduces the dehydration associated with vaping. Additionally, water acts as a neutral flavour carrier, resulting in more balanced and natural flavours than previously possible.

Furthermore, the water-based technology may have big implications for reducing the harm that can result from vaping. With a significantly lower 119°C boiling point, vapes using AQ30 technology were found to produce 92% less acetaldehyde and 81% less formaldehyde compared to traditional vapes. That scientific result has been proven through tests carried by leading labs in the world.”

You can read the full article here:


Keeping with Innokin’s planet friendly packaging, the Aquios Bar comes in an all paper/cardboard box and the device is sealed in paper wrapping.

Innokin Aquios Bar Disposable packaging

There are two silicone bungs at the top and bottom that need removing (stash these to one side for now as you can recycle the bungs along with the mouthpiece and base later).

Innokin Aquios Bar Disposable top and tail

First Impressions and Overview

Apart from being already impressed with the paper based packaging, I was struck by the ‘papery’ feel of the Aquios Bar; the main body is a cardboard tube with a printed wrap for each flavour, it feels surprisingly sturdy and as rigid as any plastic tube disposables.

Innokin Aquios Bar Disposable four flavours

The size is about average for a tube disposable; 17mm diameter and 108mm long, and it is fairly light at just 31g. The mouthpiece and base cap are both silicone which is squishy to the touch, this makes it easier to strip down once you’ve finished it.

The sustainability is just one of the Aquios’s strong points, but the main one is the 'Water Based' e-liquid which promises lower vaping temperatures and reduced toxins, I can vouch for the first as it does seem a cooler vape, but I’m all for anything that reduces toxins.

Innokin Aquios Bar Disposable flavours


Had I not tried the Innokin Inno-bar C1, I would have been more surprised by the vape you get from the Aquios Bar, it definitely has an ‘aqua’ sensation to it on the inhale and exhale. It is a bit tricky to describe, moist vape maybe? (I know the ladies love that word), but it is a very smooth, cool, and flavourful vape that is almost in a class of its own. On one extreme you have ceramic coils which are very dry, then the normal disposables which are…. erm….normal, and then you have the water-based like the Aquios and Inno Bar, perhaps more will come in time.

I was only sent four samples (a whopping 8ml) so I won’t review the flavours, but there are currently seventeen flavours to choose from, you can find the selection listed here:

As for the ‘600 puffs’ which is usually based on a one second draw, I usually go by if it has dispensed the full 2ml of e-liquid, often disposables run out of battery before e-liquid which is very annoying, but the Aquios bar is just right, in three out of the four the e-liquid ran out before the battery and the other seemed to run out of battery just as the e-liquid was running dry.

All in all the Aquios is a great little product, especially with the lessened guilt trip you get from ‘normal’ disposables.

Innokin Aquios Bar Disposable cat call


I actually couldn’t wait to finish off the first one so I could strip it down to see how simple it was to sort for recycling, I have always stripped down disposables for the battery and many can be a right pain to get apart, the Aquios Bar was incredibly easy!

Innokin Aquios Bar Disposable stripping down

Both the mouthpiece and the base bung pulled out with my fingers, both came out with little effort, then you expose the battery wires and simply pull the whole inners out.

Innokin Aquios Bar Disposable fully stripped

Note I have removed the e-liquid reservoir from its steel sleeve, they tell you to bin this section to prevent you handling the e-liquid, but I popped on a pair of gloves as I didn’t want to throw away the steel, it’s up to you if you just want to recycle the cardboard and battery. I did miss one step though, the base bung is still attached but a quick tug and they come away with the little circuit board.

Ideally leave the wires attached to the battery as it lessens the chances of it short circuiting and venting, but if you want to do the recycling centre a favour, then snip off all the wires and wrap the battery in tape. As for the steel tube, that can just go into your normal tins/glass bin.

I do need to check if my recycling centre accepts silicone, but I tend to collect any silicone bits into a bag until it is worth a trip. The cardboard tube is a minor part and barely worth recycling, but then again it all adds up if you do it all together.

Innokin Aquios Bar Disposable recycle


The Aquios Bar is a winner in its innovative approach to being less hassle to recycle and its water based e-liquid. The price for a box of ten is also appealing but I don’t know if that’s mixed flavours or all of one flavour? Either way, it’s good value for money, and with less of a guilt trip in the e-waste the Aquios Bar is a winner in my books, it’s not perfect as there are much more sustainable ways to vape (pods/replaceable coils/DIY etc.), but if you must buy disposables then buy these and do your bit with recycling.

Innokin are still leading the way with planet friendly packaging, and now with this collaboration with Aquios, they are also leading the way with disposables too. Credit where it is due, I am looking forward to seeing if the rest of the industry catches up.

Innokin Aquios Bar Disposable winner!


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